Today I want to share with you a story that I believe
will open your eyes…

Once upon a time there was a Bill and there was
a Mary. They are both just trying to make money
online. They both spend exactly the same amount
of time doing this…

Bill is really excited about his primary business.
He is so excited in fact that he spends every last
moment he has online spreading his affiliate link
all over the web.. in every single way he knows
how. He doesn't take the time to look at anything
else because it would take away from his time
of building his business. He is new to it.. so
he doesn't know a lot, but he is very focused
and hard working.

Mary on the other hand has an open mind. She
stumbled across a system and decided to check it
out. Now instead of promoting right away and all
over the place like Bill she decided that since
she was new she would learn first. So she learned
the strategies taught in the system and then
began promoting it.

What do you think happened to Bill, and what
do you think happened to Mary?

Bill didn't know that promoting his main
affiliate link given by his primary business was
the reason for his poor results. He worked very
hard.. but unfortunately it just didn't convert.
Enough people didn't sign up to make him much at all.
Sure… because he promoted like hell he got a few
to join, but most of them ended up bailing out
because they couldn't make it work. Only if he
knew what he was doing wrong… and unfortunately
he had hardly nothing to show for all his hard work.

Mary got started later because she took the time
to learn the proper strategies in promoting and
building a business online. Even though, in the
same amount of time as Bill, she has become a
huge success. She has referred multiple more
signups than Bill.. and her team has duplicated to
go on and do the same thing. This brings her a
very lucrative income online.

Mary is using the Prosperity Marketing System.
Bill didn't.

You too can be like Mary and experience extraordinary
success with the Prosperity Marketing System

All it takes is action. Get started today.

Success people are those who take action when
presented with such an opportunity…


To your wild success,



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