There are enviable ways of marketing products and services and there are tedious ways.  I'm sure you may have been exposed to many of each.  In my own endeavors, I've come across 2 programs that I'd like to share with you and review for you to use in conjunction with one another or perhaps one of the two.  The first is Hallo Teams and the second is Tweeters Online.  Both are excellent resources and very useful as advertising methods.

Hallo Teams is a brand new launch and is designed to prosper different teams.  When you join, you become part of a team of advertisers and you get credits for surfing the traffic exchange or reading emails and clicking banners.  Your team brings you up or down depending on the work of each member and each team can win credits every 14 days, so as to encourage people to work together.  1,000,000 credits are awarded to each team for both surfing stats and referrals every 14 days.

There are 4 different teams at Hallo Teams, the red, blue, yellow, and green teams.  Your team members become your friends that you can contact through inbox mail and messenger and your teams are built for you by the owner.  The owner's signups will be auto assigned to each of the 4 teams and any signups you attain yourself will bring you $15 if they upgrade.  Fill out the usernames in the downline builder and increase your earnings.

As an advertiser, you will benefit from the use of 11 different submitters.  Any seasoned marketer knows the extra push of large numbers of people to advertise to creates a much higher success rate.  Each of the tools listed at Hallo Teams will generate more traffic for the average advertiser, but with them put together the way they are, there is not much room for failure.

With a free account you can obtain credit for the use of the Free SuperSubmitter.  You can use your credits for the Traffic Swapper or the Hallo Teams Super Submitter which includes… 300 link classifieds, 6-100 article directories, 75 to unlimited directories, 3046 blog network pages.  And these are only 4 of the submitters available.  The Traffic Swapper is a traffic exchange where you can additionally earn credits. Add your text ads and sites to the Traffic Swapper as additional ways to earn credits to advertise with.

The additional 5 submitters, and bonuses, you can download with the upgrade and use from your desktop.  The upgrade also gives you extra credits to use for the 6 submitters included for use on the site.  The Hallo Teams membership includes tracking statistics too.  In addition to the SuperSubmitter, there is an Email submitter and a Mega Boards submitter which is included in the upgrade that you can use on the site.

The owner and founder of this program is Maryane Myers, who is a long time marketer with more programs than I can mention all of them here.  She is the owner of both of the programs I'm reviewing here today.  Marriane is known to be generous in her efforts to help free members to earn and become successful as well.  She has several shared email sites, social networks, traffic exchanges and more.

The second site I'd like to talk about is called Tweeters Online.  I was an early Twitter user, and so I can vouch for the scarcity of generous beginning programs to use with Twitter.  Maryanne has pushed the bar with her new Tweeters Online.  This unique membership has tools that you may be able to find elsewhere, some of them, but not all together in one place.  The best part, you can use them all for free.

The big thing about Tweeters Online is the use of 9 cool Twitter tools that will help you get more followers and go a long way to help you monetize your marketing efforts.

Here's a list of the 9 tools at Tweeters Online:

1. Follow new members with this tool, a list of 30 members is gathered with each use.

2. Retrieve the list of new followers you have and reward them if they aren't automatically rewarded for some reason. (You'll see why with tool 7)

3. Set up auto tweets, one per free account and 10 with an upgrade per day.

4. Count exactly how many followers you have gained using Tweeters Online.

5. The Buggaboo Hunter – a tool designed to locate those people who follow you until you follow back and then unfollow.  Find those that unfollow you.

6. For the Tweeple tool. List all your twitter related sites for users to surf and maximize their own Twitter marketing efforts. A big plus in helping you easily get more signups to your Twitter programs.

7. Auto find and follow Twitter members by interest.  Add keywords to locate a list of 10 new followers.

8. Give gifts or quizzes to Twitter users for tokens you earn.

9. Tweet onto your twitter page and 35 other websites at an unlimited length.

It just takes a little imagination to see how far you can take your advertisement with these new tools and techniques.  I would recommend both of these sites to anyone wanting to use Twitter with their marketing and anyone building a list.

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