5-Day Course to Generate Genuine SFI Business Profits

This course is specially designed to show you step by step how you can make a profit with your SFI business. No matter if you’re just starting with your SFI business or you still recovering from a prior failure and put SFI on hold. This concept is brand new and I practice it myself for quite a while with positive results.

The beauty of this system is its simplicity. Once you put the system in place and understand how it works go ahead and introduce your sub-affiliates to the system. They will immediately understand the concept without any coaching from your part. This is the main problem with the systems I came across so far. They are so complex that you need many one on one coaching session before one of your students can put them successfully into action.

In this course you will learn:

– How to create to your SFI gateway
– How to get thousands of free targeted hits to your SFI gateway
– How to expand your SFI business
– How to harvest the power of blogs for your SFI business
– How to create pay-per-click ads on a budget

I will also show you how you can and will create residual income over and over again. No hype, no magic tool, no scam, no scheme, just plain old hard work and dedication. The basic concept is to steadily increase you income while your workload remains the same or actually decreases over time. Try this with a regular job.

Here’s a word of caution. You might already recognize one or the other tool I introduce you with this new course. Please read it anyway, because I will show you new tips & tricks how you can put your existing stuff back to work. You will be amazed how you can pump new life into a dead tree. So don’t make the mistake to skim over the course, you might pass on the one thing that really works.

Ok, enough talk, let’s get started.

Day 1 – Massive Web Traffic to Your SFI Gateway

You probably already use the click exchange traffic programs that are all over the place. You must have spend hours after hours surfing for credits with no or minimal results. Do you think that this is the best use of your time? What would you say if I show you a way to automate the whole process and you still get the credits you need?

The simplicity of the strategy will blow you away. I have to give credit for the underlying idea to Dirk Wagner (http://www.InternetMarketingOasis.com) who wrote the initial idea. I just adapted it a little bit and I trimmed the content to the basics.

Here’s the basic concept:

• Create an account with a free traffic exchange service, like Power Hits Exchange, that allows you to point their URLs to an URL rotator and gives you credit for showing their referral link.

Create an account with another that give you credits for showing their referral page. TrafficSwarm are great examples for that.

Create an account with a free page rotator service, like PageSwirl, to create an URL rotator landing page. Add your SFI site to this rotator, plus the start page of TrafficSwarm.

Create an account with an auto surf service, like AutoHits. These services work like the free traffic exchange servers, but you don't have to click to surf for credits. Except for the very first time to activate the account. This holds true for all traffic exchange services.

Point AutoHits to Power Hits Exchange and point Power Hits Exchange to PageSwirl. PageSwirl contains an URL rotator that points to your SFI site and the TrafficSwarm referral page. The traffic will be split equally between the two.

Then point TrafficSwarm to your SFI site.Both,PageSwirl and TrafficSwarm will display your SFI site to their members.

Start your auto surf service and let it run as long as possible. I run it all night long. This gives me enough hits on HitPulse that I can convert the hits into powerpoints every day. This fuels HitPulse and it will display your ProfitRally URL rotator and ultimately displays your SFI gateways to prospects.

Bingo! Your SFI gateways are now being displayed to the world. Don’t get the false impression that this is old news. Yes, you won’t attract veteran surfers to your SFI gateways, but there are thousands of new surfers joining these free exchange servers every day and for them your SFI gateways are brand new.

With this strategy I receive anywhere between 500 and 1500 hits per week. And this without doing anything, not even surfing for credits.

Please follow these 13 steps exactly and traffic will flow your way:

  1. Create an account with TrafficSwarm. (Not a member, no problem. Sign up here for FREE)
  2. Add a link to TrafficSwarm that points to your SFI site. Use this description to complete the TrafficSwarm link creation as an example:

    Title: This Just In
    Description: Discover how this little ad can make you money within 24 hours.

  3. Create an account with PageSwirl. (Not a member, no problem. Sign up here for FREE)
  4. Setup the URL rotator for SFI and TrafficSwarm. (Use your main SFI URL and your TrafficSwarm referral page. You can find the referral page URL on you TrafficSwarm account main page.
  5. Create an account with Power Hits Exchange. (Not a member, no problem. here for Sign up FREE)
  6. Add your PageSwirl rotator URL to the Power Hits Exchange system (click on My Websites on the tools menu).
  7. Create an account with AutoHits. (Not a member, no problem. Sign up here for FREE)
  8. Add the Power Hits Exchange referral URL to the AutoHits system. (Click on your sites and add the referral URL of Power Hits Exchange.)
  9. Start surfing with AutoHits and let it run for a while.
  10. Login to Power Hits Exchange and convert your credits into hits. If you're in a hurry you can always jump start the process by surfing 100 sites within Power Hits Exchange. This takes only a few minutes.
  11. Add the PageSwirl URL rotator to your websites in Power Hits Exchange.
  12. Run your AutoHits as long and as often as possible.
  13. Every 2-3 days you login to Power Hits Exchange and convert the credits into hits. You also need to surf a few pages to keep your account active. This will only take a few minutes.

That’s all. This is a system that is fully automated and with almost nothing to do for you. I love it. 500 – 1500 hits to my SFI gateways a week, that’s absolutely great and targeted as well. Individuals who are participating in free link exchanges are opportunity seekers and you just cater to them.

Of course you can run as many auto surf servers, as you want. Just make sure that you ping an exchange server that gives you credit for displaying their start page. This is the fuel that keeps it running. In general you can ping any exchange servers start page and earn credits.

While applying this technique you can actually create small credit surfing empire without lifting a finger.

Believe it or not, but I signed up with SFI during an all night credit surfing session. If it wouldn’t be for this surfing for credits I never started my online business. Today I’m glad I did and so will you.

Day 2 – Thousands of Free Targeted Hits to Your SFI Gateway

The only sources to get targeted traffic are the . How on earth do you get massive traffic from if you don’t put a lot of money and time into SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? And how can you get search engine traffic if you don’t have a website?

You pay for it. Wow, that completely defeats the definition of free targeted traffic, doesn’t it? I wouldn’t tell you about this if there’s not a way around it. When you think about paying for search engine traffic you think of Google and Yahoo.

That’s right, but there are hundreds of new search engines just waiting to be the next Google. They rightfully claim that the internet is big enough for more major search engines that there are today. Well, time will tell.

For now we take advantage of their desperate attempt to attract new customers. Like the big two, these search engines offer that works similar to Google’s AdWords or Yahoo’s Overture. on search engines is called pay-per-click advertising. Your ad shows up by bidding for a place on the most popular results page, the first page.

When you go to Google or Yahoo and search for a keyword, the results page will show you a list of web sites that match your keyword. If you pay closer attention to the page layout you will notice the list of websites on top or on the right side of the screen that are labeled “sponsored links”. These are all paid advertising that are paying to be on the top results page for any given keyword.

When somebody clicks on your link you will get charged the amount you bid to be on the first results page. It is only a few cents per click, typically 10 – 50 cents per click. Assuming a couple of hundreds hits a day and you can easily calculate that this will cost you $20 to $50 a day for this kind of advertising. That’s $600 to $1500 a month. Wow, there’s no way that you can afford this.

You’re right; this is way too much to spend on ad placement advertising. So why do I advice you to jump the pay-per-click band wagon? Because the runner-up search engines are offering their pay-per-click for free. That’s right you create an ad campaign in these search engines and they will deliver free targeted traffic until your freebie funds are gone.

I will show you a list of all the search engines that offer initial credits for your pay-per-click ads. If you do the math you will get over 117,800 free targeted hits from these search engines just by opening a free account.

Well, yes, it takes some time to create all these accounts and the ad campaigns. But over 100,000 hits to your SFI gateway is worth the effort. Remember these are no empty hits from other credit surfers, where you get a good lead once in a while. These are people searching for something and your ad was compelling enough that they clicked on it.

Before you start here are some tips you need to consider:

– Choose the same userid and password that you will use for all the account. It’s easier to remember when you want to change your ad later on.
– Create your ad before you start your pay-per-click frenzy. Go to your SFI portal and click on marketing aids. You will find enough examples that you can use. Most search engines limit the space you can use for you ad campaign. So pick a short example.
– Always use SFI’s FREE gateway as target link for you ad campaign. My research showed that this is the best converting web site in SFI.
– Take a few breaks. You will be busy for a while. So, pace yourself. You don’t need to finish this in one night. Over a 100,000 hits will take a while to arrive to your SFI gateway.

Make no mistake. Even small search engines like these get more traffic than your average website. So be prepared for a traffic stampede.

Oh, I almost forgot, here’s the link to these search engines.


Take notes of which search engines you’re already finished. This saves you a lot of time.

Day 3 – Expand Your SFI Business

SFI is a great business, but by itself it takes way to long before you see the good stuff with SFI profits. There’s nothing wrong with a little supplement to your SFI business.

To really mark your presence in the you need your own web site. Unfortunately not every body knows how to do this and hiring a programmer to do it for you is no bargain either.

Luckily there’s a guy who will take care of everything for you. His name is . You might have heard of him before. Maybe you already visited his website and you didn’t think this is something you wanted to do.

To be honest with you Stone is the sole reason why I got serious with my online business. I was a SFI affiliate before I got to know Stone’s system. I didn’t have a single affiliate signing up under me and I was ready to quit. Then I fund Stone’s easy to use Plugin Profit Site or PIPS. That was the turning point for my business.

Yes, Stone requires you to sign up for Empowerism and Host4Profit in order for him to create your website. These are very small fees for what you will get and in my math example I will show you how the system will pay for itself.

With Empowerism you actually get multiple things from one single source. You get a fully populated autoresponder, new leads every month, automatic submission to over 20 search engines and an extensive training library to enhance your internet marketing skills. You pay more in monthly fees for every single one of these services with other vendors. With Empowerism you get all this plus their revolutionary money back system. Don’t join Empowerism because of the opportunity to turn $25 into $2000. Join them because they offer you great services you need for an even greater price.

Host4Profit is like every other hosting service. They offer great service, supportive staff, plenty of disk space and great uptime numbers. Two things separate them from the others. First, you will get $10 a month for every new H4P customer you refer. Not a single payment, this is monthly residual income. Second, you get unlimited sub domains with H4P. Compare this with other hosting services. Most of them charge you at least an additional $5 a month for every sub domain. Two great services that make the little bit higher price seem like a bargain.

One thing I need to point out. Although SFI is completely free to join and you never have to pay a fee to receive a commission, there’s one small downside. If you put the strategies of day 1 and 2 in this course to work, you will probably have a couple of affiliates sign up under you. And the list of affiliates will grow. You might get fortunate enough that you will sponsor enough executive affiliates that you will reach 10 SVP without any personal purchases.

This might not always be the case and if you don’t make your 10 SVP you will loose your executive affiliate status and all of your personally sponsored affiliates that you worked hard for. Don’t let this happen to you. Sign up for IAHBE. This is the international association of home business entrepreneurs. Besides the nice welcome gifts worth $1000 you will secure your position in the t-net as long as you’re a member of IAHBE. Every month you will receive your 10 SVP, in addition to what ever other sales you create, and automatically qualify for executive affiliate. To me this is a no-brainer.

Login to your SFI portal, click on ‘affiliate store’ and click on ‘10 SVP Favorites’. IAHBE is the first item on the list. Add it to your cart and proceed to checkout. That’s it. You will receive a welcome package in your regular mail and the bonus booklet. Take advantage of the bonus material. They are great and they are free.
Ok, now it’s time for some action. Please click here to go to Stones welcome page. Print out the entire page and read it several times. This will help you to completely understand Stone’s system.

Sign up for every program Stone lists, except SFI. You’re already a member. Next get your Host4Profit web hosting account. This is important. Without this you don’t have a place to put your web site on. It’s like having a phone without a phone service.

Congratulations, you’re now officially part of the World Wide Web with your very own web site.

Now it’s time to learn some marketing skills and start promoting your . I used Stone’s very own book ’30 days to Success’. It is part of your own web site and you should read it cover to cover. The tactics Stone is teaching you are essential to a successful launch of your new web site. I learned a lot and without this knowledge I still would be frustrated trying to get something going.

Before I close for today I want to show you some math examples on how your new home business could work. Everything I will present is done 100% online. So it doesn’t matter where you live or what delivery restrictions might be in place. You are virtually everywhere and your store is accessible anywhere in the world. Pretty cool.

Some Math Examples

First you need to know what this whole online business will cost you money each and every month. I will refer to this as business expenses. Every business has expenses. In my example $75 in business expenses are pretty cheap for an online business. Before you jump out of your and go “$75 a month! How can I afford this?” Truthfully, if you can’t afford $75 a month for your own business, you shouldn’t do this.

In my math I will demonstrate how this investment will provide you with some nice profits. But like anything else in life. There’s no guarantee. So you need to be able to sustain these expenses without any income from your online business. This is my duty to protect you from any harm.

Ok enough lecturing, let’s get started. First you need to know the cost breakdown of your business expenses. The table below is exactly that.


Monthly costs









To show you how your business could work I made the assumption that you will be able to produce 3 new signups to this system each and every month. Is this a lot? You might ask. Not really. 3 sign ups are actually very realistic. I further assume that none of your new sign ups ever quit. That’s not realistic at all. Typically 10-20% of your sub-affiliates quit within the first 6 months. Make sure that you teach your sub-affiliates how they can be successful and you will lower this drop out rate.

Ok here’s my example, based on 3 new signups every month for a full year.

Monthly Signup Bonus

Monthly Residual

Monthly Residual after 1 Year

H4P($10 residual)



Empowerism($20 signup / $7 residual)




SFI($15 signup / $1 residual)








After one year your monthly profit will be:

Income$648 (From SFI, H4P and Empowerism)
Expenses$74.25 (Your monthly membership fees)

Plus $105 signup bonuses, every month, for the 3 new signups. Total profit per month after 1 year $678.15. Not bad for a business where most never make dime. I also didn’t account for sales you will make with Corey Rudl’s affiliate program. Take any sales from there as extra bonus.

I just want to make sure that you understand how this works. You just need 3 signups a month, less than 1 signup a week to make this example working. Of course nobody in the whole world would guarantee this and neither do I. These numbers just show you how you should approach this business. Most are based on huge signup numbers to show you some unrealistic profits. With this system you can actually make a nice side income or extra spending cash. Because others got burned before I have to point out this earnings disclaimer. This is actually for your protection as well.

Here’s an example with 2 new signups every month for a full year.

Monthly Signup Bonus Monthly Residual Monthly Residual after 1 Year
H4P($10 residual) $20 $240
Empowerism($20 signup / $7 residual) $40 $14 $168
SFI($15 signup / $1 residual) $30 $2 $24
Total $70 $36 $432

And just for kicks, 10 new signups.

Monthly Signup Bonus Monthly Residual Monthly Residual after 1 Year
H4P($10 residual) $100 $1200
Empowerism($20 signup / $7 residual) $200 $70 $840
SFI($15 signup / $1 residual) $150 $10 $120
Total $350 $180 $2160

Enough theory, go out there and make these numbers happen.


Day 4 – Harvest the Power of Blogs

What is a blog? In none technical terms, it is like chocolate for search engines. They want fresh content and blogs deliver fresh content. It is the fastest way to get listed with the major search engines and it will generate traffic. I see this every day. Ever since I started my own blogs, web traffic soared.

It is absolutely no complicated to create your own blog. You don’t need to get fancy with your first attempt. Important is that you have a blog and that you know how to introduce yourself to the search engines. Everything else will fall in place.

Before you start your own blog you need some content to load into your blog. You could take Stone’s 400 day ezine that came with your PIPS and slowly load it into your blog. It’s a lot of work, because Stone’s articles are optimized for email delivery and not for blogs. Simply cut and paste doesn’t work.

Now it’s time to step up a little bit from your original PIPS to Mega PIPS. What’s that? Mega PIPS is a free add-on to Stone’s PIPS. Besides giving the original PIPS a facelift. It also comes with dozens of free articles that you can use to feed your blog. You don’t need to upload the new PIPS, but I highly recommend that you do so. It will set you apart from all the other PIPS out there.

Click here to download the free software and follow the instructions to generate your new PIPS. It is really simple and you should be done in no time.

After you’ve completed this task we now can pay closer attention to the creation of your blog. We will tap into the riches of Google. The world leading blog creator is Google. Go to http://www.blogger.com and create your free account. Next you will create a new blog.

To make sure that the search engines will credit your PIPS url, you have to choose ‘advanced blog setup’ when creating your blog.

Here’s how you set your parameters:

  • Blog Title: ‘My Blog’ (Name it whatever you like)
  • Listing: Listed -> checked (You want the link credit)
  • FTP server: [your PIPS url] (my example: www.mypluginhomebiz.com)
  • Blog url: [your PIPS url]/blog (this will create a directory named blog on your PIPS server, my example: http://www.mypluginhomebiz.com/blog)
  • FTP path: [server path to the blog directory] (ask your hosting provider H4P for details. It is typically -www/blog) if you’re not sure leave it blank.
  • Blog filename: [index.html] (my example: index.html)
  • Blog URL: [your PIPS url]/blog (my example: http://www.mypluginhomebiz.com/blog)
  • Next you choose a template. Just pick the one you like the most. You can change it anytime. Voila you’re done.

    Create your first blog and publish . Whenever you create a new blog entry make sure that you put your PIPS url at the end of every blog message. This will make sure that blog readers can access your PIPS easily. You don’t need to create a link from your PIPS homepage, because your blog will be index by the search engines before your homepage. This sounds strange, but that’s how it works.

    Every time you post a message in your blog you need to let the search engines know about. This is called pinging. There’s a shortcut for this too.
    Go to http://www.pingomatic.com , enter your blog url and ping away. Of course this is a free service.

    Now you just have to wait a little bit and you will see that your web site stats will slowly go up. It’s like magic. Typically after 2-3 weeks your whole blog is completely indexed by the major search engines and you will get more free traffic than you ever dreamed of.

    Day 5 – Create Pay-Per-Click Ads on a Budget

    Once you setup every thing I taught you so far it is time to introduce you to pay-per-click advertising. You made your first encounter with smaller search engines on day 2 of my course. Now we move up to the big 2 plus a newcomer that is already well established.

    Did you know that some the most successful SFI affiliates use pay-per-click search engines extensively to drive traffic to their SFI gateways? They are capable to get hundreds of prospects a day into SFI. Of course they also spend significant amounts of money to do this. We don’t have this kind of money available.

    Pay-per-click advertising on a budget means that you spend $50 – $200 max a month on this. I would stay as low as possible. Although you get much targeted traffic to your SFI gateway, these new affiliates are a result of a very expensive advertising method. Return on investment takes a little bit longer than new affiliate signups through other methods.

    I used PPC (Pay-Per-Click) a lot for SFI, but I cut down on my spending and it seams that I get almost the same results.

    Here’s another tip: Only advertise SFI’s FREE gateway through PPC. Don’t use PPC to advertise PIPS. PIPS is to complicate for the typical 2 seconds a visitor spends on your website. Use the SFI gateway, which does a great job to capture these 2 second visitors. Once you have a new affiliate, use Stone’s autoresponder example from his book ’30 days to Success’ to keep a constant contact with these new affiliates. And PIPS does the rest.

    Ok, let’s get started with our PPC campaigns.

    First let’s focus on Google AdWords. To open a Google AdWords account you need a credit card and $5. That’s it. Click here to open your account.

    Please read all the material Google supplies to make the most out of your Google AdWords experience. If you want to push Google AdWords to the max or you simply need more examples to understand AdWords; click here for the best-selling book ‘Google Cash’.

    Make sure that your daily spending limit is set to $1 or $1.50. Otherwise you will have a rude awakening with Google. They don’t care how much you spend, after a few days they will simply charge your credit card and then it is too late to change your mind. So pay close attention on your spending.

    If you calculate $0.05 (Google’s minimum) per click, you will get 20 clicks a day with a daily budget of $1. That’s 600 extremely targeted clicks a month. With a conversion ratio of about 4% you will get about 24 new affiliates every month through this PPC. Getting just 3 EAs out of 24 affiliates shouldn’t be too hard either, especially with Stone’s autoresponder follow-up system.

    If you don’t like Google or it seems just way too complicated you can go with Yahoo’s Overture. It is the oldest PPC engine and it is very easy to set up. $25 will get you started and you can set spending limits as well. Go to http://www.overture.com to set up your account and start driving targeted traffic to your SFI gateway. Unlike Google, Overture simply goes with the bid amount to place your ad. The more you bid the more your ad will be displayed. Again, set your spending limits so you don’t loose your shirt.

    If you want to test a newcomer, I suggest 7search. These guys are determined to become the next Google. Very nice interface and lot’s of help in setting up your campaign. Unlike Google or Overture, 7search doesn’t charge you after the fact. You load you’re account with any amount you want and 7search uses these funds until nothing is left over. When the account runs out of funds the ad will no longer displayed. This gives you a greater control over your spending. If you don’t have the money right now, don’t load anything into your account. Once you have the money, load it up and 7search resumes your ad campaign.

    Go to http://www.7search.com to open your account.

    Officially this is the end of my 5 day course, but after finishing this course I realized that something is missing. I taught you to become a super affiliate with SFI and a couple of other programs, but you will face the same problem I had. What about my sub-affiliates. They are sitting in the dark and don’t know what to do. Now this is hurting you and you get all frustrated that you can’t continue your growth.

    Please read my bonus chapter on how you can teach your sub-affiliates to become super-affiliates and they can teach their sub-affiliates and so on and on….

    Bonus Chapter

    I told you that the secret to any online success is to reproduce a successful method and let others to be successful too. To me this is the greatest reward if I hear that one of my sub-affiliates is able to start a successful business because of me. I hope everybody who reads this little course will go out there and successfully implement what I taught them.

    I was not sure for a while how I could duplicate this course so other would be able to benefit from it. If you simply pass this course to your sub-affiliates you wouldn’t benefit from this course at all. They would simply sign up under me and why in the world would you do this. I needed a way to let you have all the sponsorship rewards. This is nothing but fair, because you put in all the hard work to generate all these sign ups.

    The easiest method for me would be a brandable PDF file. I would send you the brandable PDF plus a and you would create your own PDF file. There’s a big downside to this method. You need to be able to upload the file to your web host and you need to create your own autoresponder series. This is no problem if you’re experienced and have some web mastering skills.

    I needed something simpler, something you could start using right away. That’s when I discovered this great blogging tool. A blog that lets you use your very own affiliate id without lifting a finger for content.

    How does this work? Simple. Register with http://powerblog.peterdobler.com, login to your account and enter all your affiliate ids. Don’t worry if you don’t have a specific affiliate id, you can register to a individual affiliate program from the web site.

    Now send the special link from your welcome page to your sales team and every new affiliate you sponsor. This will create momentum and it shows new affiliates how to quickly experience positive results.

    Here are the main benefits of this course:

    – easy to use
    – easy to access
    – passing the benefits on to sub affiliates to repeat the success
    – no content to create
    – no web site necessary
    – free
    – instant training guide for your sub affiliates
    – all the benefits will be passed on to you

    Simply tell all your new SFI affiliates to sign up for this free 5 day SFI course and the course does the rest.

    It can’t get any simpler than that. This is a 24/7 sales machine on steroids.

    I hope you enjoyed the course and I wish you all the luck in the world with your online business.

    Take care,
    Peter Dobler