The FreeStoreClub is an unique system that offers everybody the opportunity to own an online store. The big difference between conventional business opportunities and the FreeStoreClub is the fact that you actually have an online store that sells . The only thing you have to do is the advertising. The amazing part of this offer is the fact that you don’t have to sign any long-term contracts nor do you have to pay for anything upfront.

The FreeStoreClub does everything for you, , payment processing and shipping. All you have to do is to cash the commission checks.

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In the world of commerce, and the Internet is no different, the “store” is a basic component. In the food industry it’s the grocery store, in the office products industry, it’s the office supply store and in the area of general merchandise, it’s the general or department store. On the Internet, the most basic tool of business is the Internet Store or “Web Store”.

If you want to profit from the Internet, you need a store. – Free Store Club will furnish you with that store! . As a company, Free Store Club is uniquely prepared to provide virtually any person in the world with their own “e-commerce enabled” web store.

We provide three (3) different web store models, all business-ready the moment they are received. Here’s an overview of each model, outlining specific benefits and features.

  1. The :
    • This is our starter or retail-only store. It is provided and hosted at absolutely no cost ever!
    • All stores are fully stocked with high demand products with secure credit card processing. You do not need a merchant account
    • A store-owner at this level can generate by driving consumer traffic to their online store. Once a month, about mid-month, we’ll send you a check for the you have earned the previous calendar month. You get ALL of the profit, the difference between your member cost and the retail price. The company keeps NONE of your profit!
    • or by selecting specific store items to market to the public at another or offline altogether. Order the products at member prices and sell them at retail for IMMEDIATE income! Or we’ll drop ship them directly to your customer (at no additional cost to you) and send you the profit once a month!
    • We call our stores “Personal ” because each store owner has full control of how much they will charge the consumer.
    • Of course, the storeowner may buy for personal use at his or her own member cost.
    • Free Store owners also have free access to the FSC Trading Post (FSCTradingPost.com), our online Classified Ad service where they can buy, sell, swap or give away almost anything. A virtual online Flea Market!
  2. The SILVER Level Store
    • The Silver Level store is provided for a small $10 (US) monthly hosting fee.
    • The Silver storeowner pays even less for store merchandise than Free level owners.
    • In addition to what a storeowner gets at the FREE Level, the Silver Level storeowner is permitted to generate residual income (up to a $4,000 per week limit) by joining with Free Store Club in its global campaign to “give away stores”.
  3. The GOLD Level Store
    • The Gold Level store is provided for a $50 (US) monthly hosting fee.
    • The Gold storeowner pays even less for store merchandise than Silver level owners, our LOWEST member pricing.
    • In addition to all a storeowner gets at the FREE and Silver levels, a Gold storeowner is permitted to earn additional residual income (up to $12,000 per week) by building a network of Silver and Gold store owners.
    • The Gold store is fully customizable, with a storeowner being able to add store departments with their own lines of merchandise which they supply and deliver.

Free Store Club is changing the face of . No longer is the global consumer forced to purchase needed and desired products from a few mega merchants. FSC Personal Web Store owners can provide a growing selection of goods and services to the world and at the same time can provide a stream of income and savings for themselves and their families.

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Read what people are saying about Free Store Club:


It has been such a pleasure to work with a company that is as dependable and consistent as Free Store Club has been for over two years now.
Flashy “deals” that rely on gimmicks and smoke and mirrors come and go everyday while Free Store Club has been a rock of stability. The only changes they ever make are improvements that enhance what we’re doing.

Every week the paychecks go out on time. This is a very special company run by honest people who are committed and focused.

Thank you Free Store Club!

SH –


Wow. What a relief to find a legitimate bricks-and-mortar company on the Internet with real products and services.

Our visit to sold us on Free Store Club.

No flash, hype and empty promises like you unfortunately see with many Internet businesses. We found a real down to earth business with a friendly experienced staff, a warehouse of products in stock, and plenty of orders on the shipping dock waiting for pickup.

People start working the Internet to make money and improve their lifestyle. The problem is they usually have no clear cut step-by-step plan of action. They stumble around from site to site and join a few programs but really have no idea how to make it all work and are soon frustrated, dejected and feel like a failure.

Free Store Club is the exception.

It’s an excellent opportunity for someone to get started building a part-time income if you are prepared to do a little work. And, it can become a full-time business if you are prepared to commit the extra time and effort. No waiting months for commissions you earn. They mail checks like clockwork every week.

All you do is refer folks to your site so they can shop online at incredible prices, and make extra cash in the process.

The EMM automated follow-up system does the rest for you.

Free Store Club provides blueprints anyone can follow to build your business. And the good news is they are not just ideas, but actual step by step plans that have been put to the test… And work.

I sure wish we had discovered Free Store Club when we first got started online. It would have reduced our learning curve significantly and made a dramatic increase to revenues we generate.

BW – Overland Park, Kansas


What can I say…after being with the Free Store Club for the past 2 years and making a more than substantial income (which, incidentally, grew in the first month and continues to grow) I will repeat over and over again, The Free Store Club does what they say they will.
Our commissions are always paid on time. Exact Method Marketing does do the recruiting for you. The company is continually looks to improve on the system. The Free Store Club Pay Plan is one of the easiest to earn an income with. The company does everything in their power to assist you to make it all happen.

Can you REALLY earn big money online? You know you can’t get rich quick, or everybody would be doing it. But you CAN use the power of Exact Method Marking to earn a substantial income. Don’t fall for the ‘magic pill’ that doesn’t exist!

The truth is all you really have to do is give away Free Stores. The system does the rest. But if you wish to make an income faster, then you have a second option and that is to sell product . The choice is yours.. Either way you will make an income if you follow the system.

The Free Store Club has helped and continues to help hundreds of thousands to reach their potential!
Not a day goes by that I do not have someone thank me for introducing them to the Free Store Club. Many regret, they waited, for so long before they did. Why? because they can’t help thinking what they would be earning now if they had started that much sooner.

FSC can provide the unlimited income you deserve! All you really have to do is promote consistently and it just keeps growing. That is all!

BZ – BC, Canada


Aloha from Hawaii. I have been doing business on the Internet for more than eight years and full-time in network marketing for over 10 years, and I am excited to be involved with truly the duplicatable system FSC has created.

Although, I have been successful in building a downline in another company, that resulted in generating over $10,000 a month income for me, my downline failed. As your training points out, 95% of those involved in networking will fail. Eventually, my income dropped to reflect the lack of duplication of my recruiting.

But now, with the EMM system to build an organization, and the affordable price that appeals to the masses, I know that anyone who takes advantage of tools and training offered by FSC will finally succeed. Systems are duplicatable, where personality is not!

Everything is in place for success. Experienced leadership with integrity, marketing tools to build a downline without depending on friends and family recruiting, a marketing plan that is flawless and most importantly appeals to the masses, not just heavy hitters.

If you can give away free stores and training, you can succeed in building a residual income that you have only dreamed about before.

To your success,



I’ve been involved with Free Store Club (FSC) for nearly two years now. I upgraded from free status to Silver Premium status after reading lesson number three of the FREE training course.
This course is like no other email course I have ever read. The whole truth and nothing but the truth about multi-level marketing (MLM).

Membership at Free Store Club has been and continues to be very exciting! I have ordered merchandise from my WebStore and I am totally delighted and 100% satisfied with my orders. The prices are GREAT!

I am extremely optimistic about Free Store Club and the Exact Method Marketing (EMM) opportunity. Anyone with a computer, access to the Internet and DESIRE can succeed with Free Store Club. It’s a no-brainer!!!

Thank you Mr. and the FSC Staff for this tremendous opportunity!



After reviewing the new format for the free store club back office, I am thoroughly impressed. It is professional, clean and crisp, which will surely attract many other store owners.

Not to be cliché, “but wait that’s not all”.

I then went under the UPS tracking system to verify the whereabouts of an order I had placed. I found the exact geographical location of my package, at a specified date and time.

Wow!, and I don’t say wow often.

This is exactly the professional system others pay dearly through the nose for, and when I say others, I mean thousands of businesses, nation-wide. We get it all for a fraction of a fraction of what thousands of businesses pay daily.

Thanks for the new format, the outstanding support, and feel free to use this as a testimonial.

Sincerely, PR Gold Store Owner – South Carolina


As we spoke on the phone, I could not be happier as to the result of your Smoke Stopper product. I initiated the system on the April 9th 2004 and have not looked back.
It has taken a one and half pack a day smoker that has been smoking 32 years, to being free of the hacking, gagging cough fest of every day life as a smoker. It has only been one month.

I have actually lost a little bit of weight and feel brand new, well sort of. Actually I am tickled pink about your product. I looked you guys up on consumer reports about you and could not find any bad news about you. That is when I asked my wife Kim, whom also has been smoke free for a month now, to order your product.

Being an asthmatic it was stupid for me to ever start smoking and your little wonder pill stopped all of that for me. I feel my life is once again on the right track and I am at less of a risk for cancer!!

Thank Heaps!

BB & KM – California

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