Pyrabang is a network that is helping people like you and I become the media and make a real living wage income doing it. What they have come up with is quite revolutionary!

It is a paradigm shift that makes advertiser controlled media obsolete! Advertisers are paid to promote or services. Our members can invest in that advertising to increase it's circulation! Faulty , and that "pull one over" on the public can’t survive in this system!

Q. Who is going to pay people to advertise to them?

A. PyraBang pays you up to 12,000% to pay other people to get their message out!

The members advertise information not just products and services. They pay their visitors and readers to view information from other members. If someone views information, they pay 1/10 of a to the advertiser and make $12.00 per member who joins the network, plus a residual 45 cents per month!

This encourages teamwork because it's split out over 3 months at $4 each month and then the residual for each month the sponsee stays active.  You can advance your sponsee to a gold member for a month to keep them active while they learn the benefits of the system and upgraded members are eligible to receive orphaned sponsees too so you may get random referrals as well.  This can be very lucrative.

They also just added even more benefit to the plan by more than doubling commissions for your sponsees every month! After the bonus period has expired you'll still make an additional 95 cents per month on each of your sponsees!

The network of 500+ websites uses "ads by " like embeds to spread your information and is now over 73,809,277 impressions of our members “posts.” Over 1,273,004 “bangs” have been invested, and Pyrabang is over 8,774 members strong!

Pyrabang – The People's Media