You now can receive all the benefits of our top membership enabling you to promote six of Your and earning you 40% commissions on all upgrades and purchases from your direct referrals.

Affiliate Funnel is set up to allow you to start your marketing funnel for your affiliate program/s.

You can use this to create and still promote your affiliate program not one that is decided for you. Used properly this can be a great way to build the relationship that is necessary to create an ongoing business.

The marketing funnel is a simple principle that works like this.

Gather with a free or low cost offer. Some will continue on to buy higher cost products and programs but it is always necessary to keep filling the top of the funnel with new .

Promoting Affiliate Funnel allows you to constantly bring in new prospects while promoting just one thing for all your , necessary business tools and your affiliate program/s.

Getting Started

– Download The To Affiliate Funnel and read it. NOTE: If you have purchased any ebooks or special offers through Affiliate Funnel you will always find them in Your .

Step 2 – Follow the steps in The Ultimate Guide To Affiliate Funnel to get your systems set up

– Drive traffic through the Traffic Exchanges and Safelists. Attend the and . Go through the lessons that are supplied.

Step 4 – Use the seminars and the forum to get help with any thing that is unclear. We want you to succeed and constantly add to the seminars, create videos for things that aren’t clear and add new material to the lessons.

This is not a get rich quick system but if you follow the tips and set up your systems you can surprise yourself with the results and what more you are creating a sustainable business.

Please feel free to use the forum to give us your ideas to improve this program. All programs within Affiliate Funnel are reviewed constantly to make sure we only recommend the best current sources of traffic.

We cannot emphasise how important our Free Seminars can be to help build YOUR business. You get free personal and “live” access to several high earners all happy to answer your questions on a one to one basis. We don’t know of anywhere else online that you can get this kind of help completely free. Highly, highly recommended!

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