Do you know what many of the really successful webmasters have in common?

I'm talking about people that generate five or six figures a year (or more), just from their own content sites.

They cover all sorts of different niches with all sorts of different websites.

And yet they all use the same powerful technology to help them generate their huge profits.

That technology is called " Analytics" – a completely provided by .

Analytics makes it very easy to get detailed information about your visitors – and it directly links into other Google services like and , providing in-depth information to help you boost income and cut costs.

I'm sure you'll agree that Analytics sounds very exciting. It's just the sort of thing you need to give your business an edge over your competition.

But Analytics has one big drawback. It is not easy to add Analytics to a website, requiring special code to be included inside every single web page. That's why most webmasters don't actually use Analytics.

Today I've got something special for you though.

I've just released my "Easy Code Pro".

This it as easy as pie to add Google Analytics code to your entire website, without needing to edit any of your web pages.

You simply get your Analytics ID number from your Google account, paste it into Easy Code Pro, then upload the resulting script file to your . Google Analytics will then be active on every page of your website instantly and automatically.

With Easy Code Pro, it really is that easy to add the profit-boosting power of Google Analytics to all your websites.

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Easy Code Pro

Easy Code Pro isn't limited to just Google Analytics.

You can use it with any script or system that requires code to be added to your web pages.

Just paste the code into Easy Code Pro and it will automatically add the code into all your web pages, without you needing to edit a single page.

This is just the sort of timesaving, profit-boosting tool you need for your business.

And you'll be very pleasantly surprised at the low cost of the software.

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Easy Code Pro

Wishing you success


PS Easy Code Pro also comes with my special bonus "Web Hijack Protector" solution at no extra cost.

If you've ever been concerned about people hijacking your web pages and stealing your profits, you'll love this quick and easy fix…

Easy Code Pro