You Make The Rules – Easy to use Email is Reason Number 2

ZoEmail is web-based so it can be accessed from anywhere you happen to be. There is no software to download and install. Choose your username carefully. Create your account and you are ready to win the battle against unwanted email. You make the rules – not your 's rules. It's your mail, it's your rules.

ZoEmail has wide appeal because it is NOT some private email system. You do not have to beg your friends to join your new system. They continue to send you email using their old system the same as before.

Here's how it works. You send your friend an email. ZoEmail creates a new secure keyed address for that one person and places it in your addressbook.

You tell your friend to put it in their email addressbook. Your friend sends you a reply using the secure keyed address. And, wonder of wonders, you actually receive their reply.

ZoEmail is NOT a filter-based system. So it will NEVER keep you from getting the emails you want. Your friend may put the word "Free" in that email a dozen times. You will still receive it. ZoEmail does not interfere with your mail. Your mail. Your rules. Your choice. Your timing.

After all, it is your mail. It does not belong to your email provider. You have the power. You have the choice. You make the rules. And your incoming email gets delivered, on time, every time.

Here is another example of convenience. You are doing a little shopping online. (From a reliable company, of course) You must provide an email address to complete the transaction. You don't want to receive emails from them for the next year or so, begging you to buy something more.

What do you do?

You use ZoEmail to create a new temporary email address. In just a matter of seconds ZoEmail has created a new secure keyed email address. You decided to have it expire in two weeks time.

In two weeks time it is no more. Just as simple as that. And all your other ZoEmail addresses are still alive and well. No problem. Convenient and secure.

You are going to sign up for a new weekly newsletter to come by email. You use ZoEmail to create a unique keyed address for that one newsletter. Later you decide that you don't have time to read those emails over the summer months. One click on a button and that key is closed.

The key is not deleted – just closed for the summer. Come September and you want your newsletter again. One click on a button and that key is open for business again. Very convenient, wouldn't you say?

You thought you wanted to join a certain affiliate program online. You study the sample website. You notice that it will contain each member's email address. You know that these email addresses get harvested by the bad guys. You know that over time you will start getting junk email.

What do you do?

You go to ZoEmail. Within just seconds you have created a new keyed address. You use it for that one website only. Convenient and secure.

If you start getting spam from one particular sender, ZoEmail can block him. Your rules, your choice, your timing. You have the power. Maybe you start getting too much spam from too many people. One click of a button and that key is closed. No more spam there. Problem solved.

Within seconds you create a new keyed address. You login to that website and change your email address. Problem solved. Your rules. Your choice. ZoEmail gives you the power to decide. The power to take action.

And it doesn't cost you any more to create 99 secure keyed addresses than it does to create one. In fact, at current prices, you could create 99 keys and your investment in your families email security would equal one penny per month for each secure email address, Yes, that's right, 99 cents for a whole month.

Guess you know what you should be doing right now.

Get the convenience. Get the security. Get Zoemail

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