The AX Gold Traffic Course Part 4

Alan opens the vault on viral eBooks and software. You do not want to miss this.

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I’ve already shared with you my criterion for picking traffic generators. I’m looking for little work, massive results, and a viral or snowball effect! This article reveals probably the single most successful strategy I have used, which has been responsible for a lot of traffic coming to the AX Gold sites…

Distributing “Viral” eBooks and Software

The Software Gold Club

This is a technique that is being used incorrectly by many people. Most of them are not producing substantial results.

Again, the problem is not the strategy itself. Let me explain with an example which shows how a highly successful marketer recently promoted using viral ebooks…

First, he created some ebooks packed with powerful, valuable information that others could use. These weren’t large ebooks, by the way. But the content was definitely gold. And that’s what makes it work!

Next, he put his links on them that would lead the readers to his site. (Of course, he had a killer sales letter ready to take orders at the site.)

Then, he offered these ebooks out to anyone and everyone – absolutely FREE!

But he went one step further. He also gave everyone free distribution rights so they could give the ebook away to others!

But that’s not all he did! He also made the ebooks brandable so that his distributors could “customize” the links in the book and earn a commission every time someone ordered something through those customized links!

Do you see how much more value he created for his distributors? How much more motivated do you think his distributors were to pass out his ebook knowing that they could make money each time someone ordered through their customized link within the book?

See, I believe this guy was smart enough to stop…and ask himself…”How can I offer them what they want? How can I create so much value for them that they can’t help but pass the ebook out to others?”

Most people would have just created an ebook, inserted their own links…and stopped there. Why? Because most people are focused only on what they can get out of the deal.

Instead, they should be focused on creating value for the other person first! Offer them a free (quality) product they can give away or sell. Allow them to customize the product with their personal information and you’ve just given them a lot more reason to do what you want them to do.

A good example of this type of product is our Resale Rights Report, which can be branded by members of our to earn lucrative $20 a month commissions. You can download a copy of this ebook from our subscribers download area here to see the

Now for the little power twists to add more leverage out of the viral product technique…

One possibility is to set up a two-tier commission payout plan in place so that the original distributors of your reports can even allow ‘their’ clients to ‘re-brand’ the ebooks. Everybody earns a commission, and you make a few bucks off every single order – which can get into the thousands very quickly, IF done right.

Here’s another twist…Instead of passing your ebook out to individuals at random, why not create a viral ebook specifically for one marketer who has a large customer base! And allow him to customize the ebook with his own links or ID.

Make it very clear to the person that he/she is the only one to whom you’re offering this ebook & distribution rights. Make them feel special. And, keep your promise. (If s/he doesn’t accept, you can then offer it to someone else with a large list.)

Can you see how that differs from what other people would offer this person? Can you imagine how your offer will stand out among all the other offers laying on the table?

Wanna take it even further? Let the person know that everyone he distributes the ebook to can also sell it to others! – i.e. he also gets to offer “resell rights” to others! But allow him to keep his customized links in the ebooks that others sell. Suddenly, you’ve just motivated him a lot more on distributing your ebook. And you’ve also given all the readers an they can sell.

Or, you can also offer the two-tier payment plan, as mentioned earlier. Simple little twists like these are helping to make new successful businesses every day.

Oh, by the way… the joint venture technique that I mentioned in the previous article can also be improved on more by offering the other person a “viral” ebook! Maybe even a viral ebook that the individual can “customize.” Heck, why not set it up so that everyone who gets a copy can distribute it to others!!! 🙂

There’s no law stopping you from combining two or more techniques into one. If it helps make the end result more effective, by all means do it.

Do you see the power that’s hidden behind these simple strategies when executed correctly?

You know, almost everyone’s heard of the basic techniques. Some have even heard of the additional twists on the core techniques. Yet, most people are just not using them to their full potential. We have millions of people out there trying to hammer a nail in with a screwdriver. The tool is not to blame, it’s the ‘application.’

Oh…If you haven’t yet created your own products and are thinking to yourself that you’re not very good at writing, let me ask you this…

your customer base by the thousands worth your spending some time on improving your writing? You know it is!

Look…writing is not hard. The sooner you start writing, the sooner you’ll get the hang of it. The more you write, the better you’ll become.

And if you think that you can’t write an entire ebook, then create the ebook “one-article-at-a-time.” Break your subject matter up into sections and write about each section as a separate article. Then, arrange the articles in a logical order and…Voila! You’ve got your own ebook!

It’s a skill worth learning. Where else can you get paid for putting “words” onto paper?! This is an amazing business to be in.

But… if you still don’t want to write yourself, no problem. Worst case scenario? Get someone else to write the book FOR you, and get their permission to put your name on it as the . Some of the top marketers are using this strategy right now to easily create a line of products, without doing any of the work. You can too.

The keys to having success with :

Viral marketing is useless if your viral ebooks and reports don’t get passed around. That’s the entire premise behind “viral” marketing – it has to be spread around to others! Here are the keys to getting that done:

1. You MUST give other people a strong incentive to pass your (software, ebook, report, article, etc.) on to others! If you don’t do this, your will never spread. Exposure/traffic, commissions, residual income, customization, etc. are all great incentives to get others to pass your around.

2. You MUST make it EASY for them to set up and pass your viral tools around. Otherwise, they will never be able to spread it to others. Provide them with easy-to-follow instructions on branding, uploading, and distributing your viral tools.

3. Your viral tools (reports, ebooks, etc.) must get CONSUMED! In other words, your reports and ebooks need to be read and used! If I just download your viral ebook but never read it, I will never click on your offers, or go to your site, or continue to pass on the viral tool to others! No movement equals no traffic equals no profit! Give them compelling reasons to actually read your viral tools. This is where “direct-response” skills come in handy.


Viral Products From The Software Gold Club…

If you’re looking for an easy way to benefit from viral products with very little effort, the Software Gold Club offers you a great solution.

In addition to the Premium available for sale by members, the Software Gold Club also provides one or more products each month which can be private label branded with your own adverts and then given away or sold with Master Resale Rights.

Our new advert branding system for these products lets you include very detailed adverts, including full if you want.

Although offering affiliates the ability to brand links in a product can be a very powerful strategy, simply offering reports with Master Resale Rights is in itself a much simpler and still very effective viral strategy.

Master Resale Rights products spread rapidly across the Internet as everyone who receives the product can themselves make money by selling it – or use it as a bonus to boost the value of other products. The products also usually get included in the many resale rights packages and membership sites on the Internet.

As an example, we still receive lots of traffic from links in our original Easy Resell Plus software released around 3 years ago and now in countless packages and membership sites all across the Internet.

If you are member of the Software Gold Club, make the most of this powerful marketing system by downloading, branding and distributing these “advertising products” now.

If you’re not yet a member and would like to see one of the products, you can download the “Promotion On A Budget” ebook here

If you’d like more details of the Software Gold Club and everything that’s included, please visit…


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This whole set is available at a special discount price (less than you’d normally pay for one video set) and comes complete with master resale rights too.

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