Maybe you already know the single most successful strategy to generate traffic.

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Distribute Unique Articles and Special Reports

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One of the most successful strategies for generating traffic is to write one-page articles or mini reports related to the products you are selling (or are “thinking” of selling in the future!)

How hard is it to do this? Not hard at all. Pick a subject that you're really interested in and know a lot about – something that others would also find interesting. And start writing about it.

You can also pick something that you don't know much about but have always been really interested in learning more about.

Next, go to any popular or directory (,, etc.) and dig up information on that subject. Start reading some articles on it and increase your knowledge base. Become your own expert! Once you know enough about it, write your own article.

It's really that easy. Don't let anyone tell you it's difficult. Heck, almost everything's difficult the first
time you try it. The trick is to try it a second time, and a third … and pretty soon, you'll be a pro.

At the end of each article, insert your 'resource box.' (A paragraph containing your name, copyright information, web site address, email, etc.)

One extra tip I'll give here is…include information in your article that was a little harder for you to dig up, stuff that most other writers are not offering. That way, you'll differentiate yourself from anyone else who may have decided to write about the same subject. (You know how it is, most people will grab the low-hanging fruit and run with it, wondering why no one wants to accept their article. You know why: It's because their article is exactly the same as the other 67 articles on the subject.)

The better and more unique your article is, the more people will want it. Try to present it from a different angle/perspective. Give people something to think about. Shake them up a little. Offer great value that proves you're an expert in this area.

When people read such reports that offer great value and reveals to them things they really wanted to know about (that other people aren't revealing), they will want more from you.

It's like offering a spoonful of your best dessert to them. But, just a spoonful. You don't have to give the whole store away. As soon as they get a taste of this and enjoy it, guess what? They'll want more.

What you are giving them should hold value on it's own. It shouldn't be a sales letter disguised as a report. It has to contain real value. But give them a taste, not your entire store.

Now…once you have your article ready, don't go passing it out to people one-at-a-time. No fishing poles, remember? Use a net!

You need to approach ezine publishers and that already have a large audience, provided their publications are related to your product, of course.

Offer them a good article with solid, unique content. If needed, offer to let them customize the links so they can get a commission off any sales the article generates.

And, whenever possible, request that they send your article out as a 'solo mailing' in the form of a “special report” instead of mailing it with one of their regular ezine issues. (A solo mailing usually has a better response rate since your article will be the only thing getting all the attention from the readers.) Some publishers will agree to do this for you, some won't. If they don't, have them send
it with their regular ezine issue.

Want to make it a little easier? Approach only those marketers who are looking for fresh, new articles.

You can find many directories and sources online that list publishers who are seeking articles. Just do a search on any popular search engine.

Here are a few sources where you can search for ezines on a specific topic…

Be sure to find out whether a particular ezine is accepting articles or not before you submit to it. Most ezine listings will provide you with this information.

You can also submit articles to article directories, used by many ezine publishers looking for content and increasingly being used as sources of content for Adsense sites.

Here are a few article directories that you can submit to…

This is really a fairly easy and extremely powerful technique that very few people understand, and even fewer use. Most others are still blind to it or have just “assumed” that it's not that effective. Just a handful of strategically placed articles can create a steady, continuous stream of visitors to your site. The more articles you can get out there, the better.

Work on getting at least one article out every month. If you can do more, do it!

Want to make it viral? Offer anyone who reads the article the option to distribute it to others, provided they publish it with your “resource box” (your copyright information, website, email, etc.) at the end of it.

How about offering everyone an opportunity to customize the links in the report (or resource box) so they can also earn a commission every time someone visits your site through their links?!

How much more excited will they be to distribute your customizable article, versus all the other people's articles that don't offer customization? (That's the added twist that will vault you to the top of the heap!)

Used correctly, this strategy can generate a continually increasing level of traffic, newsletter subscribers and links to your business website.


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