An easy rebrandable PDF with amazing ideas.

The Ultimate Supertip / Magic Button 

In this short (37 page) – and free – ebook has managed to include one unique idea after another on a wide variety of topics starting with his controversial stance on and moving on to

– Getting traffic to your site
– Preselling with free ebooks
– Preselling with articles
– Autoresponders and follow up campaigns
– Ad tracking
– Affiliate marketing

book creation
– Ebook rebranding
– Creating niche sites
– Resale rights

He even throws in an amazing viral idea in chapter 5.
Just read the report and you'll understand how amazingly simple it is to give away your own customized copy using nothing but a link. You don't have to host it, use ftp or anything!

You can submit your download link to every , ebook site, etc – giving you another marketing strategy that will land you hundreds of free inbound links.

Usually, with free PDF ebooks the person behind it always wants your contact details to add you to his mailing list. Harvey Segal, the man behind The ULTIMATE SuperTip ebook, doesn't even ask for your contact details—this is truly a no-strings-attached, super-value free ebook. The ebook describes how to make money with viral ebooks; in fact, the ebook itself is an example of that viral plan, while also explaining the viral plan, while BEING the viral plan.
In the book you'll discover some very neat ways to sell any product online you want—without having to worry about . It's a short, easy read, but if you're in a hurry you can skip right to chapter five where you'll learn how to make money without a website or product of your own.

Keep an eye out for the Super Rebrander. It's a $67 value and you can get it for almost nothing.

And even better, the book is protected from comission theft.
Try to steal the author of this article right now by opening a new window/tab on your browser and copy and paste the following url:

Surprised, uh! You can´t go any further.

Try now the complete url and you will succeed to access the free book.

However, there is an even better deal for you. There´s another free ebook that you can get from Harvey without being asked for your mail and name. And most of the -marketers or not- are using Skype and more recently . Perhaps you already heard about Twitter add-ins but did you know there is a tool to build a list from Skype and do broadcasts as with your autoresponder?

So, what about going to this microsite from were you can obtain all the tools?

My best wishes.

P.S: This is how this rebrandable PDF benefits you:
-The book is a great introduction to viral ebooks in general.
-You just have to promote a link without the need to upload the file into your website. You can start with only a and email accounts.
-It also includes a discount at the end for all the goodies inside (!) so good I bought them right away.
-Affiliates get 100% of the sales of those goodies (which are well worth while in themselves).
-Although a PDF rebrander is unnecessary, there´s one on the goodies for your previously downloaded PDFs.

P.P.S: by going to the microsite you will get another free report, a booster for your Skype account and a Business in a Box Twitter set.

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  1. Hi Alejandro – I tried to download the file to my e-books folder and realised that I already had it on there ! Just goes to prove Harvey’s contention that we download a lot of books that we never get around to reading.
    But thanks for the reminder because I will now go back to it and actually read the book.
    I have had dealings with Harvey before and have always found him to be one of the good guys – so I would say that it’s well worth taking a look at the book (don’t be like me and leave it lying on your desktop – unread ! :0)

    Thanks again