The main purpose of the Power Blog is to promote affiliate programs and grow downlines with unique articles and blog posts. This will attract and the Power Blog system will work its magic. One of the first posts on the Power Blog was called "How to Generate 1 Million Hits". The concept is still valid, but the players are changing. Unfortunately most traffic exchanges are getting very conservative with giving credits for referring visitors to their website. Abuse is one reason, but more likely they are afraid to burn too much bandwidth. Well, I just started my own traffic exchange and bandwidth concerns are non existing. This will take care of short sighted traffic exchange owners and it will give new life to the same old concept.

Now that you are aware of the history, here's the reworked version of the article. Enjoy your reading.



In my very first course about increasing traffic to your web site, I posted a concept, original developed by Dirk Wagner ( http://www.InternetMarketingOasis.com) in his book "Follow Up To Wealth". This course was geared towards SFI members and their downline. Meanwhile I got a lot of requests to expand this concept to other systems as well.

You probably have your very own mixture of traffic exchange programs you're using. Developing a course for each one of them would keep me busy for the rest of my life. But there's a better way.

As a refresher, here's the concept again. I just used some new programs to demonstrate the concept.

I use Stone Evan's PIPS system as the ultimate landing page. It will be used as an example throughout this article. However, you can use any program you like.

To keep the example manageable I will use the services of AutoHits, Power Hits Exchange, PageSwirl and TrafficSwarm in this example.


High Level Overview

Create an account with a free traffic exchange service, like Power Hits Exchange, that allows you to point their URLs to an URL rotator and gives you credit for showing their referral link.

Create an account with another that give you credits for showing their referral page. TrafficSwarm are great examples for that.

Create an account with a free page rotator service, like PageSwirl, to create an URL rotator landing page. Add your PIPS site to this rotator, plus the start page of TrafficSwarm.

Create an account with an auto surf service, like AutoHits. These services work like the free traffic exchange servers, but you don't have to click to surf for credits. Except for the very first time to activate the account. This holds true for all .

Point AutoHits to Power Hits Exchange and point Power Hits Exchange to PageSwirl.PageSwirl contains an URL rotator that points to your PIPS site and the TrafficSwarm referral page. The traffic will be split equally between the two.

Then point TrafficSwarm toyour PIPS site.Both,PageSwirl and TrafficSwarm will display your PIPS site to their members.

Don't worry if this is too complex, detailed instructions follow.


How to Run Your System

Start your auto surf service and let it run as long as possible. I run it all night long. This gives me enough hits on Power Hits Exchange that I can convert the credits into hits every day. This fuels Power Hits Exchange and it will display your PageSwirl URL rotator and ultimately displays your PIPS website.

Bingo! Your PIPS sites are now being displayed to the world. Don't get the false impression that this is old news. Yes, you won't attract veteran surfers to your PIPS site, but there are thousands of new surfers joining these free exchange servers every day and for them your PIPS site is brand new.

With this strategy I receive anywhere between 500 and 1500 hits per week. And this without doing anything, not even surfing for credits. You can always opt to supplement your credits with some leisurely surfing, but the heavy lifting is done by the system itself.


Detailed Instructions

Please follow these 13 steps exactly and traffic will flow your way:

  1. Create an account with TrafficSwarm. (Not a member, no problem. Sign up here for FREE)
  2. Add a link to TrafficSwarm that points to your PIPS site. Use this description to complete the TrafficSwarm link creation as an example:

    Title: This Just In
    Description: Discover how this little ad can make you money within 24 hours.

  3. Create an account with PageSwirl. (Not a member, no problem. Sign up here for FREE)
  4. Setup the URL rotator for PIPS and TrafficSwarm. (Use your main PIPS URL and your TrafficSwarm referral page. You can find the referral page URL on you TrafficSwarm account main page. 
  5. Create an account with Power Hits Exchange. (Not a member, no problem. Sign up here for FREE)
  6. Add your PageSwirl rotator URL to the Power Hits Exchange system (click on My Websites on the tools menu).
  7. Create an account with AutoHits. (Not a member, no problem. Sign up here for FREE)
  8. Add the Power Hits Exchange referral URL to the AutoHits system. (Click on your sites and add the referral URL of Power Hits Exchange.)
  9. Start surfing with AutoHits and let it run for a while.
  10. Login to Power Hits Exchange and convert your credits into hits. If you're in a hurry you can always jump start the process by surfing 100 sites within Power Hits Exchange. This takes only a few minutes.
  11. Add the PageSwirl URL rotator to your websites in Power Hits Exchange.
  12. Run your AutoHits as long and as often as possible.
  13. Every 2-3 days you login to Power Hits Exchange and convert the credits into hits. You also need to surf a few pages to keep your account active. This will only take a few minutes.

That's all. This is a system that is fully automated and with almost nothing to do for you. I love it. 500 – 1500 hits to my PIPS site a week, that's absolutely great and targeted as well. Individuals who are participating in free link exchanges are opportunity seekers and you just cater to them.

Take it to The Next Level

The real power of this system comes with the multiplier effect. As you know every traffic exchange service maintains a downline system, as well as downline hit credits. This meanwhile your downline increases, your surf credits and your system become even more effective. This will lead into more displays of your pages and more traffic. 1 million hits are no longer a dream, it can happen to you too.

So, how you gonna do this? Very simple, you use the Power Blog and its powerful features. Let me show how you turn great concept into a monster traffic generator.

  1. Sign up with the Power Blog (It is 100% FREE).
  2. Make sure that you enter your IDs from all of the traffic exchange services mentioned in this article.
  3. Locate this article in your Post Referral Links menu. Make sure that you use the link exactly as shown there. (Login to your Power Blog account, click on Posts at your left hand menu and then click on 'Direct Post Links'. You will see a list of all the Power Blog posts and how to use the direct links. To locate this article simply type 'How to Generate Another Million Hits' into the search field and then hit the search button. The link will show up at the bottom of the screen. You can either use the entire code, copy and paste it into your website or simply take the URL and send this to your friends.)
  4. Send this link to your email list or use it in an ezine ad and tell everybody that you just fund a gold mine with free unlimited traffic.
  5. Everybody who is clicking on your link will arrive at this article with your referral id.
  6. When they click on the sign up links to the programs mentioned, your referral IDs will be used and you are growing your downline like wildfire. I don?t know about you, but my downline certainly did.
  7. Tell your downline to exactly do the same, as outlined in these easy 7 steps. By telling your downline to do the same exact thing, their downline will explode too. Well, use your imagination to figure out what this means to your downline. My head is spinning just thinking of it.

Again this is 100% FREE and doesn't require you to invest a lot of your time.

The Ultimate Monster Machine

In the example above you have been introduced into one possible scenario. As I mentioned in the beginning, everybody has their own combination of traffic exchanges and downline builder systems. How about using the same exact method to create a whole bunch of these combinations? How about having 5, 10, 20 even 100 of these systems?

Well, the Power Blog can help again. By simply upgrading to the PRO version of the Power Blog, you will be able to create your own systems, add your own programs to the list and create your own downline builder system to the programs you like to include.

In my opinion this is much more effective than spending money on upgrading individual traffic exchange services. Just to give you an example. Upgrading to the PRO version of the traffic exchange services mentioned in this article will cost you about $100 a month. And this doesn't include a downline builder. By simply spending $19.95 a month you get the ultimate traffic machine, the Power Blog PRO.

"I'm ready. Where can I sign up?" Just click here and your Power Blog PRO system will be up and running in minutes.


In this example I used the services of AutoHits, Power Hits Exchange, PageSwirl and TrafficSwarm to promote my PIPS system. All these services offer credits for showing their referral pages. Running them in a autosurf program is not a violation of their terms. If they don't want to give you credits anymore it's up to them. I found it very beneficial to supplement my credits with manually surfing for credits as well. This way you get even more credits and you also collect bonus points. Having the TrafficSwarm start page set as your default in your browser gives you even more chances to put your credit counter into overdrive.TrafficSwarm can give you up to 1000(!) credits for a single page visited.

I have to mention one traffic exchange program that in my opinion is the best there is. It's called WebBizInsider. This program is also ranked #1 by other independent reviewers. They offer everything other programs offer, but their best service is the click for email links. As a member of WebBizInsider you will receive a couple of emails a day. Jumpstart your credits by clicking on the link within the email. This is a great way to increase your surf credits. The credits from email links can be substantial, so don't pass on this opportunity. These emails are send by your upline. That means that you to can send emails to your downline and promote anything you like. This is way more than you ordinary traffic exchange program.

A word on Power Hits Exchange, this is the Power Blog's very own traffic exchange program. Member accounts are automatically linked between the 2 programs. PRO and members are upgraded to the Power Hits Exchange PRO membership for FREE. This will give you 2 PRO memberships for the price of one.

To our success,

PS: Many are heavy opponents of free traffic exchange. I find it very amusing that most of them using free traffic exchange programs to promote their own products. They certainly don't surf for credits, but rather spend big bucks to bring their messages to a screen near you.

P.P.S: Please feel free to modify this strategy in any way you like. Just keep in mind that you need to create something that your downline will appreciate and can build on.