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Peter, I can confirm that the services offered by the PowerBlog have been above and beyond anything I have seen on the Internet in the past 7 years.

I joined the PowerBlog just a few short weeks ago and have seen many improvements during that time.

This is software that works. This is advertising that gets results. This is about a website owner who knows what to do and how to do it.

My questions have all been answered in a timely and easy to understand manner. Easy learning curve to get my account personalized and set up for growth. Helpful forum for support and education.

The PowerBlog keeps on getting better. My downline is growing. My patience has finally been rewarded. I have found the Online Treasure that I always believed must be out there somewhere ...

No longer is it out there - "somewhere"

It is HERE. It is NOW. Just give me my PowerBlog and let me share it with the whole online world!

My Biography

Peter - I own and operate a home business directory website. My site is dedicated to helping people find legitimate and reliable home based businesses. On the internet people are often sceptical of information coming from one source. I have recently started using your Power Blog to support my research on the validity of businesses I support. I have found that by combining my research and your articles on your Power Blog, with my links in them, I have increased my readers trust in me. This increased trust will only result in increased sales. Thank you for this great tool in my toolbox.

Chris Stirling


Very good ideas Peter... can't wait to see more.

Craig O


Very Impressive! Just a few short days after I put your plan to work for me, and I'm already seeing results! Thank you for your hard work!

Dave Roggeman


Peter, Just a note about the 5 day SFI program. This program works and easy to setup and run. I have had 11 new affiliates join my SFI business over the last 2 weeks. One went EA. I open up Autohits start the program them minimize in my toolbar. I let it run for 3-4 hours at a time to build up credits. I have just gotten your blog installed on my website as well. Look forward to all the fresh content being put on my website for people to look at when they visit my site. Lots of great benefits for going PRO. Well worth the small investment for all the great tools and information. Thanks Peter

Robert Oliver


When the Power Blog first started I told Peter I couldn't wait to see more...and now that I have I can say WOW, I'm really impressed with all of the capabilities of the Power Blog. It truly is an amazing Internet marketing resource!

Craig Osenbaugh



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Just a note about the 5 day SFI program. This program works and easy to setup and run. I have had 11 new affiliates join my SFI business over the last 2 weeks. One went EA. I open up Autohits start the program them minimize in my toolbar. I let it run for 3-4 hours at a time to build up credits. I have just gotten your blog installed on my website as well. Look forward to all the fresh content being put on my website for people to look at when they visit my site. Lots of great benefits for going PRO. Well worth the small investment for all the great tools and information"

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"Well presented site, very strong presentation based on free traffic generation. Opens up additional pathways for growth in knowledge and skills. I'm building traffic right now and I registered."

"I loved that the site offered information on what exactly was being offered, rather than beating around the bush and having to request further information."

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Elizabeth LMHC
"Wow! This is definitely a powerful well written concept. I enjoyed viewing the power blog in action…and have added this site to my favorites. I feel this could be extremely important for me in the near future… Thank-you, and well done."

"I actually used the info on this site instead of just reviewing. I am going to try out the product. It looks like it got some great reviews so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!! Thanks! I think this is something everyone on here could use as well."

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From the desk of Peter Dobler
Wednesday, 9:45am

Dear Friend,

The gold rush of new millennium is selling electronic information products, like ebooks, ecourses and software, on the internet. There are a few that say it will come to an end. Let me assure you, nothing has changed, it just got harder for each individual to make it big with these products. Kinda like the real estate bubble, but if you know what you're doing you make even more money.

Money Tree

Yes, every day thousands of people are going online for the first time. This is a tremendous opportunity, but at the same time more and more people jump on the internet marketing band wagon in pursuit of the big money.

The most popular systems are the ones that promise heaven and deliver hell. Go figure. However there is an honorable exception. It is called the Power Blog.

There are lots of different websites offering hands-off advertising services.

They vary from very expensive, complex offerings of the big companies to almost worthless simple tools that lack the functionality to truly keep up with the ever changing world of internet marketing.

Despite the huge number of options, there are a few tools that offer a really easy way to build a hands-off internet marketing campaign, while at the same time providing the cutting edge technology needed for a professional result.

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One of the most successful systems is:

The Power Blog


To make money on the internet, you need:

An easy system that everybody is able to use within 5 minutes.

A true opportunity that produces results within the first few days of activation.

A system that appeals to newbies as well as to seasoned internet marketers.

A hands-off operation that doesn't require you to lift a finger, ever.

Satisfied members that spread the word and make the opportunity even bigger.

And it has to be absolutely FREE. Not trials, no teasing, just plain and simple FREE.

I heard enough, please sign me up!

Sounds good, doesn't it. Too good may some say...

Well, let's take a closer look at the Power Blog system that delivers exactly what you just learned about truly making money on the internet. It is easy to use, a true opportunity, hands-off and absolutely FREE.

The Power Blog is a brand new hands-off affiliate marketing service which combines the simplicity of a dynamic internet marketing with the power of a search engine optimized blog needed to create a real profit pulling internet marketing campaign.

To give you a visual idea on what it is and how it works, please watch this short presentation to get a better understanding on what the Power Blog stands for.


Do you know what syndication means? No, don't worry, you don't need to know it anyway. The only thing you need to know is that syndication is the key to information sharing.

Why is this important? Because information builds trust, trust builds confidence and confidence sells. It's that easy. I didn't believe it myself, but the Power Blog proves each and every day that it works.

Free MoneyOk, why should you care? I takes years of experience to build some sort of name recognition that builds the confidence of your visitors and customers. This is the only way you are able to make some serious money. I'm not talking about the occasional sale or the tiny check from your MLM membership. I'm talking about $1000 - $10,000 a month or even more.

Do you have what it takes? Chances are you don't. No offense, but you can't learn and make big money at the same time. It never worked this way and it never will. Despite what other people try to tell you.


Don't work harder, work smarter!


Did I scare you with the previous statements? I hope so, because it is the naked truth. But wait, there's a way around this. Something that will give instant name recognition, trust and confidence. As you know, the key components to make some serious cash.

The Power Blog quickly established itself as a authority in the world of internet marketing. High page rankings from Google and top rankings in Alexa speak for themselves. Even more impressive that this was achieved within a short period of time. And all the members of the Power Blog will benefit from this.

What's the secret behind this success? The Power Blog presents one face and one voice to its visitors and customers. This is a huge name recognition factor. One voice that gets louder and louder every day. The cool part of this is that the Power Blog remembers who turned up the volume. Yes, my friend, the Power Blog remembers that you initially send this visitor to the Power Blog and when this visitors heads to the checkout lane, you will get the commission, guaranteed.

It doesn't matter who's checkout lane it is, as long as you're an affiliate with any of the merchants and products featured in the Power Blog, you will get the commission. That's the promise the Power Blog makes to you. You bring the traffic, you get the commission. Simple as that.

I heard enough, please sign me up!


The typical downline dies after 2 or 3 levels!


A bold statement, but true. Just check your own downline. How deep does it go? If you don't agree with me, send me an email to bfe@peterdobler.com and I will send you a free ebook in return.

Gold PotThe Power Blog takes care of this problem. A very complex intelligence behind the scenes takes care of it. You don't care how it works, you will be just thrilled that it works.

And that's not all. Your downline will be thrilled too, if they are getting smart and using the Power Blog as well. But it doesn't happen for you if you don't do anything. Why would you pass on the hottest marketing tool at a cost that fits any budget?

Maybe you got burned in the past, maybe you don't believe that it really works or you just don't think it is FREE. Well, that's your decision, but rest assured that if you don't take action, somebody else will do it and you will read another success story.

How many times in your life did you tell yourself "If I only...". Don't make the same mistake again.

Every day I get more positive feedbacks on the Power Blog. Not a temporary hype, the Power Blog is here to stay and to produce great results for all its members.


Special Bonus

One of the biggest problems of every webmaster is to get enough traffic to their websites. Because of the large membership of the Power Blog, we are able to launch a brand new traffic exchange that is fully integrated in the Power Blog.


Power Hits Exchange

Click here to see what it is all about. A paid membership with the Power Blog automatically gives you a PRO membership with the traffic exchange. This feature is unique in the world of traffic exchanges. Just the fact of the complete integration of the Power Blog with the Power Hits Exchange will lift your traffic needs to new heights.

Of course this service is also completely FREE. What are you waiting for? Get the traffic you deserve today and make the most of your Power Blog membership. I don't know what else I could do other than giving away massive exposure for FREE.

Power Hits Exchange



Additional Bonuses

Free Traffic BarSign up with the Power Blog and the Free Traffic Bar will
give away 10,000 Free Ads.

This is a special deal offered by a partnership between the Power Blog and the Free Traffic Bar.

The Free Traffic Bar turns the time you spend on the Internet into traffic AND profits without changing anything you do now!

Internet One SystemSign up with the Power Blog and the Internet One System will give away 10,000 Free Banner Ads.

This is a special deal offered by a partnership between the Power Blog and the Internet One System.

The Internet One System brings all the tools an Internet Marketer needs together under one easy-to-use interface!

Internet One SystemSign up with the Power Blog and the ScreenSwarm will give away 10,000 Free Screen Views.

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The ScreenSwarm gives you large amounts of traffic without any work at all.

Free Membership vs. PRO Membership

It is up to you to decide if you would benefit from the Power Blog PRO membership or if the free membership is just right for you. Please review the comparison chart for reference purpose.

PRO Lite Membership PRO Membership
Affiliate Id Management
Free Downloads
RSS Feeds
Individual Blog Post Reference
Downline Builder
Personalized Web Site

The Power Blog will host your H-I-T squezze page that you can create with your H-I-T membership. Click here to see how it looks like.

You don't need a webhost to use this H-I-T feature. With the Power Blog you would need to have your own web host.

Earn 50% commission for downline upgrades  
Downline Builder with your own programs  
Add New Programs  
Post Your Own Articles  
Change Look & Feel With 15 Different Skins  
Insert Your Own Ads in Left Hand Menu  
Change The Program Sign Up Links to Your Own Links  
Use Your Own IDs for Amazon and 7Search.com  
Personalized Profile  
Send messages to all Power Blog members  

Spill Over Traffic (Receive all the unqualified search engine traffic like it is your own traffic.)    
Web Hosting    
Restrict the posts displayed to your own posts only    
Change the title of the Power Blog    
Master Resale Rights Downloads    
Guaranteed qualification for spill over sign ups    
Earn an extra 200 points to the Power Blog index    
Over 1Gb of tools and ebooks with master resale rights.    
PRO membership to the Power Hits Exchange (monthly savings: $19.95)    
Access to the Power Blog Article Directory system. Add as many articles as you want to the world's best article directory system.    
Store all your usernames and passwords to all your afffiliate programs or other programs you are participating. Never forget a password again and never forget that you are a member of a certain program. The Power Blog keeps track of your login history.    
Adding Power Points daily without having to login to the system. No more login to collect Power Points!    
Automatically send Twitter direct messages to new followers and send a personalized thank you link. (A powerful viral tool used by many IM gurus. This is advanced programming made accessible to Power Blog PRO users only)    

I heard enough, please sign me up!


Here's a list of just some of the features of this powerful marketing tool:

Promote your affiliate programs on a content rich, search engine optimized, high traffic website. With no software to download, no scripts to install and no words to write. You don't have to lift a finger with this system.

Unique content promoting your very own affiliate id. Avoid the competition by separating yourself from the crowd. Uniqueness and content are king.

Refer others to this service and participate in a cash prize contest.

Access to high quality tools and reports

Instant RSS content feed on your website with a tool as simple as 'cut and paste'.

Tools to apply instant SEO to your website as easy as 1-2-3.

All this at no cost! Yes, this is FREE.


The Power Blog Hard At Work

Click here to see the Power Blog in action


As you can see this is not just another marketing hot air balloon. This is real value combined with cutting edge technology at a cost that fits any budget. 100% FREE!

As a FREE member of the Power Blog you have access to the highly desirable bonus download area that provides hundreds of eBooks and software for you FREE to use. This is not the usual junk to get from all the other free member sites. These are high quality tools. I spend hundreds of hours to collect these tools and I'm giving them away to my valuable members of the Power Blog.


These are the latest additions to the download section

After reading all this and knowing that this is a FREE service, there's really nothing more to say than join and enjoy.


To your success,

Peter Dobler

PS: Hurry, the cash prize contest ends when the 5000 member mark is reached. Registrations are going quick and and there are only a few seats left before the contest is closed.


LEGAL NOTE - EARNINGS DISCLAIMER: Every effort has been made to accurately represent this deal and its potential. Remember that each individual's success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is no certain guarantee that you will earn any money.


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