The Power Blog received a lot of new members in the past couple of weeks. There are now more than 3000 members active in the Power Blog and that is good news for every member.

The more people spread the word about the Power Blog the bigger the Power Blog gets and the more traffic is send to your affiliate programs. Remember, the Power Blog is one huge viral marketing machine that promotes your affiliate programs 24/7/365.

To achieve all this magic you need to know what the difference between Power Blog Index and Power Blog Points is. Please read this carefully to really understand what it means to you and to your success with the Power Blog.

Power Blog Index

The Power Blog Index is an indicator on how active a member is. This index is calculated every 24 hours. There is a magic index number that will automatically change your membership status.

Power Blog Index 100

The Power Blog rewards hard work and dedication with a free upgrade to the PRO Lite membership. The qualification for this upgrade is to reach a Power Blog Index of 100 or more.

These are the requirements to reach at least 100 points:

  1. Manage your affiliate IDs. I don’t expect you to join every program, but you must be an affiliate of 40% of the affiliate programs promoted by the Power Blog. Just enter all your affiliate IDs to the Power Blog and if you’re not an affiliate of a certain program, you can join right from within the Power Blog itself. Very convenient. You can achieve this requirement within a few minutes of your time.

    Pay attention to your weekly stats email, so you don’t miss new programs that will put you below the 40% mark if you haven’t entered your affiliate ID.

  2. Refer at least 2 new free members to the Power Blog per month. This is not as hard as you think. The conversion percentage from subscribers of the traffic course to become free Power Blog members is very high. The best way to promote the Power Blog is to promote the traffic course, which is part of every lead capture and splash page in the Power Blog. You can check your progress by login to your account and hit the ‘My Referrals’ tab.

  3. Capture at least 5 new subscribers to any of the Power Blog autoresponders per month. This should be very easy to achieve. If you promote the Power Blog lead capture and splash pages with traffic exchange programs, this will be almost your daily number. You can check your progress by login to your account and hit the ‘My Referrals’ tab.

  4. Write a testimonial. This will guarantee 50 Power Blog index points right away and a link back from a high PR page to your website.

  5. Read messages. The Power Blog maintains an internal messaging system that allows all members to post messages. The higher the membership the more often and to more Power Blog members you can send your message. On the other site you will get 1 Power Blog point per message you read toward your Power Blog Index. This will help you to get to your Power Blog PRO Lite membership quicker and it makes it more attractive for advertiser to post messages.

    Read just one message per day and this will give you 30 credits toward the Power Blog Index. The message credits are calculated based on the past 30 days.

  6. Sign up with the Power Blog's own traffic exchange the Power Hits Exchange. Earn 25 points just for signing up.

Bottom-line; the Power Point Index is a indicator of your level of activity within the Power Blog. The more active you are, the higher this index will climb.

Power Blog Points

Power Blog Points is a running meter for your Power Blog Index. Every time you login to your Power Blog member area, the system recalculates your Power Blog Points by multiplying your Power Blog Index by 3 and adding it to your Power Blog Points.


You have a Power Blog Index of 80 and Power Blog Points of 300. The next time you login the system is taking the 80 index points and multiply it by 3. Then adds it to the existing 300 Power Blog Points. This would be 80×3=240, then 300+240=540.

And the next day the same thing happens again. The Power Blog Points will be calculated once a day. At the main member screen there's a date and time when the next recalculation will happen. You must login after this time-stamp to receive your Power Blog Point update. If you login before nothing will happen. So, login to Power Blog account every day at about the same time.

PRO members do not need to login to have their Power Blog Points recalculated.

You can use Power Blog Points to buy products from the trade area of your member account. You will also be able to see how your Power Blog Points have been calculated. If you're a member of the Power Hits Exchange, your surfing credits will be added to the Power Blog Points when they are calculated again the next time you login to the Power Blog. In exchange you can transfer your Power Blog Points to the Power Hits Exchange for hist to your websites.

So here you have it. The Power Blog Index is your daily activity level indicator and the Power Blog Points are your spending coins for all kinds of goodies the Power Blog and the Power Hits Exchange have to offer.

Take care,