The One Thing You Never Want To Give Up Online


The One Thing You Never Want To Give Up Online

Hi friend,

If you work online you can give up many
things and you probably should.

If you trying to work on umpteen million
programs at one time, you can give that

If you are trying to ea*rn money online
by falling for get rich quick promises,
you can give that up.

If you are new to the net and do not
know how to market online and are not
getting mentored or going to webinars
or reading books on the topic of your
interest, you can give that up.


The one thing you Never Want to Give up
is a LIST.

If you are building a list online or
you have purchased a membership in a list
building site, you need to hold onto those
membership and continue to develop those

Build your lists
Build an email list
Build a presence

And never let them go.

I have often said that you could take
away by home. You could take away my
car. You could take away every possession
I own and as long as I had a computer that
I could set up somewhere and a list that
I could contact, I could get back on my feet


So Can you but NOT if you are not building
and retaining the one real asset that you
have online and that is YOUR List.

Relax there's a solution!

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Yours in Success,


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