Welcome to all – Hope you find this article helpful

You have taken the first step – You decided to join the
You used a real email address – you submitted the signup form

Now you are in a program which has thousands of active members

Where do you go from here? – What steps should you take next?

Here is a list of 6 very for you to consider

1. Be sure to Confirm your

2. Add SFI to your
– (as per instructions in your SFI )

You can Login to your members center at this link

3. You should Read the Getting Started FAQs
– Also known as Frequently Asked Questions

4. Study the Free LaunchPad Training Lessons
Try to study one or more of these each day for first 30 days

5. Contact your SFI Sponsor and say a **Friendly Hello**

6. Visit the SFI Forum on a regular basis
Find the Link in Pull-Down menu on SFI HomePage

The Forum has lots of Questions and lots of Answers

Look for a called **Ask Gery**

Well that’s enough for one day

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Enjoy-the- and be kind to those you meet

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