Builder99 shows one way that page can help your

In a recent post I talked about TheFreeDictionary and some of the features it contains –
Here is yet another feature that I now use and find quite helpful to me –

TheFreeDictionary page (your customized page of it) allows you to enter the RSS feed link for websites of your choice –
I have entered the RSS feed of SFI News Page
into my customized TheFreeDictionary page

I previously viewed the SFI News Page by using the following Link –

Now by looking at the RSS feed for SFI News in my page
I can see at a glance the titles of the  five most recent SFI
(Actually TheFreeDictionary lets me choose to display from 1 to 8 recent items) –
I have chosen to display 5 items –
Click on any of those Titles and be taken directly to SFI News Page

At the right hand side of SFI News HOME Page you should see some for RSS feed Links –
(Scroll down to just below the List of Most Recent Comments)
and you should see a group of six for RSS Feed Links –

What works for me is the RSS dot php Link (which says RSS 2.0)
It uses the following Link –

that Link into TheFreeDictionary Page
and you have an easy way to keep up with SFI News

How do you make the Feed display on your Dictionary Page?
Well, the answer is fairly simple – and it takes just a

On your Dictionary Page look near the Top Left Corner –
see an Orange Bar called ADD / RESTORE Content –
Click on it and see a blank  input form called –

Url of the RSS / feed –

Put your SFI News RSS feed Link in this form and Click ADD –
The list of SFI News items should now appear on your Dictionary Page –

Try it – It is not as hard to do as you might think

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