Let’s take a walk down Power- with Builder99

How many did the Power-Blog have in July of 2006?

The answer might surprise you – It was approximately 391 members

Now in December of 2012 it has reached the 5000

Steady growth is always better than **Here Today and Gone Tomorrow**
Would you agree with that statement?

Let’s ask ourselves – Why would someone want to join the Power-Blog?

Perhaps a better idea might be to ask why anyone would not want to join

Not many other places can begin to offer the many features we find here –

1. An opportunity to Post helpful and thought provoking information
2. where readers earn credits
3. An which is separate from the regular Power-Blog Posts
4. The ability to add more than one to each Program we join
5. A *Sister-Site* which is a manual surfing

The Power-Blog has several levels of Membership and as you might expect
the higher levels do offer higher

If you wish, you can start at the Free Level and take some time learning

how the Power-Blog works and how best to configure your pages

When you are ready for more – more will be waiting for you

until next time –

Builder99 says –
and be kind to those you meet

About the Author – – Builder99  –

Builder99 resides in the Land of the Maple Leaf
He keeps an eye out for Online Treasure – Resources
He already discovered valuable Online Treasures
Such as the Power-Blog and