A few years ago the president
compiled and shared a list of 20 Rules of

Although they were written to help many of
these rules can be applied to various areas of life and work

The following Link will show an Index of 21 Links


After a brief introduction the SFI president offers 20 rules
for our consideration along with some

Each rule has its own separate Online Page

Here is a partial list of the thought-provoking themes

Do Something
Make it Happen
Open Your Eyes

Have a Plan
Don’t Quit
Think Big

He urges us to concentrate on the Positives
and to always keep the in mind

And finally in Rule Number 20 he reminds us that
SUCCESS comes before WORK only in the

Builder99 hopes you find much benefit in these Great Ideas

And now until next time . . .

Builder99 saying  Enjoy-the-
And be kind to those you meet

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