Builder99 says, Need to build a downline? Want the PowerBlog to help you? It can, you know.

What’s New At The PowerBlog?
1668 total PowerBlog Members. An increase of 35 members since last report. Slow and steady continues to win the day.

What Else Is New At PowerBlog?
Members have suggested that the PowerBlog list of programs (over 250 programs) has become too large. A process is underway to improve matters in this area.

As I understand it, in future, new programs submitted will not be displayed to the entire membership until there is indication that the program has some relative merit.

Where To Find It
Over the next few newsletters let’s review some of the PowerBlog features that have been with us for quite some time.

Previously we have mentioned some of the PowerBlog Navigation Menu items.

Just a reminder that the PowerBlog is available in a choice of languages, from Arabic to Welsh. About 2 dozen different world languages.

Now let’s continue our study of what is available. The better you understand just what the PowerBlog offers, the more value you will derive from your membership. Learning how best to use the many features is well worth the investment of your time.

Links found near the top left corner.
What Others Have To Say Link: You guessed it! This is where some members have their say. They express their view of the Powerblog and what it means to them. You can even find a few positive thoughts from yours truly.

Community Forum link: You have to be a member of the PowerBlog before you can register for the forum. The forum now has over 900 registered members.

Tell a Friend Link: Just a little tool or resource whereby the PowerBlog helps you contact a friend by email to let them know you recommend membership in the PowerBlog.

The Profile Link: Your very own profile at the PowerBlog. Created by you and lets you display 3 of your favorite website links.

Question. In September 2006 what did the Admin say was the most powerful feature of the PowerBlog to date?
Answer. Peter Dobler reminded his viewers that the then new Internal Message System was the most powerful feature. Your membership status determines how often you can post internal messages. Every member has the oportunity to read messages and earn credits from clicking on the message links.

After logging in to your members area, do the following. If necessary, click on the Home Tab. See Welcome back … near the left side. Look across to the end of this line. Look for the button which says “Inbox” – Remember that you earn points for clicking on the link in these messages.

It Works For Me
As a Pro Member of the Powerblog I can add new items, revise or remove old items on the left hand side of my page. Look in the area underneath the bar called **Resources**

After login to your members area you can click on the Skins tab to revise and update this section.

In the Builder99 Customized version of the Powerblog there is a new feature near the top of my resource area at the left hand side. It contains links to the simple cure for email spam.

For less than a dollar per month, I have been able to easily configure an email system which lets me decide which sender is welcome and which is not.

And by the way, the good guys don’t have to be a member of this email system in order to send me email. And if the bad guys happen to join this system, it will do them no good because they can be blocked whether they are in or out of the system.

If it does not show in the current page you are viewing, then try this. Just scroll down to my About The Author link near the bottom of this post. Click on that link and then watch the left side for info about the ZoEmail System. To get one extra month free, tell them you were referred by Builder99

A Word To The Wise
Just because a program appears to be popular within certain groups of people does not guarantee that it is a program of real value.

Just because a program is ignored by the majority of people should not prevent you from taking a closer look at it. The majority are not always right.

You be the judge of what is best for you.

Please And Thank-You
Thank you for reading the Power-Blog-News. Be watching for the next issue.

Please tell your friends there is “Hidden Treasure” in the PowerBlog.

Did you know that free members have a choice of 92 items to download? And for Pro members the Bonus Download section offers 134 additional items.

See the right hand side of this page for most recent list of new items added. Don’t forget there is now a link to display the complete list of downloads available.

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