What’s New At The ?
685 total PowerBlog Members. An increase of 294 members since last report.

What Else Is New At PowerBlog?
The PowerBlog is now available in over 2 dozen different languages. Just look in the menu area for the option to choose another language.

Where To Find It
To see how many personal posts you have created, and the number of comments received, do the following. Login to your PowerBlog members area. Click on the "Posts" tab. The Number in brackets is the number of comments your post received.

Question. Where do I go to customize the Resources (ads) section found at the left hand side?
Answer. As a Pro Member, I simply login to my members area and click on the "Skins" tab.

It Works For Me
Once you learn how to create one affiliate link using the PowerBlog style, then you may want to create other links to those special areas of your favorite programs. These special affiliate links can then be inserted into the personal blog entries you create at the Powerblog. Maybe you want to experiment with a Newsletter type of posting. Remember the PowerBlog has a Newsletter category.

A Word To The Wise
If you keep on doing the same old things in the same old ways you will keep on getting the same old results. Anybody interested in finding some new results?

Please And Thank-You
Thank you for reading the Power-Blog-News. Be watching for the next issue.

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Until next time, Builder99 wishing you, Much Joy In Your and reminding you that the PowerBlog offers the 2-tier IMT Affiliate Program.

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