Builder99 Power-Blog-News August 2007

Are you looking for yet another traffic exchange? Have you tried the Power Hits Exchange? It works like hand and glove with the PowerBlog itself. When you upgrade in one program you are automatically upgraded in the other one at no extra charge.

Join the PowerBlog first. Then look inside the members area for the link to join the Power Hits Exchange.

Be sure when you join the Power Hits Exchange to use the same email address you use for your Powerblog membership. This is the key to activate the automatic upgrade.

What's New At The PowerBlog?
1963 total PowerBlog Members. An increase of 80 members since last report. We are fast approaching that magic number of 2000 Powerblog members. Did you remember reading that PowerBlog Pro membership may be limited to 500 members? If you are considering upgrading to a Pro membership, don't wait until all the positions are taken.

What Else Is New At The PowerBlog?
The Admin has informed us in mid August 2007 that the next generation version of the PowerBlog is now finished.

Here is just a little excerpt from Peter's communication.

"The good news is that the version of the Power Blog is finished and the last little problems are being worked out as we speak. All in all it is a huge success and it positions the Power Blog to react quickly on changes.

All the links are now permalinks and the translation of the pages happens automatically in the background. Nothing for you to do. This means that the are picking up new posts in 14 languages. Imagine the possibilitites for your post to be found in multiple languages."

Our thanks to for his excellent work on the Powerblog. It has come a long way from its humble beginnings and we can look forward to even bigger and better results as time goes by. Three cheers for our Admin. We appreciate the time and thought which has gone into this program.  A powerful PowerBlog indeed.
A Word To The Wise
Just because a program appears to be popular within certain groups of people does not guarantee that it is a program of real value. Think about that.

Just because a program is ignored by the majority of people should not prevent you from taking a closer look at it. The majority are not always right. Think about that.
You be the of what is best for you.
Please And Thank-You
Thank you for reading the Power-Blog-News. Be watching for the next issue. Be ready to do some thinking. Be ready to take some action.

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  1. Builder99,

    Always a pleasure reading your posts. Thank you for the kind words. This keeps me going to add even more features to the Power Blog.

    As long as I know that at least one soul appreciates my work, that’s all it matters. Somebody once mentioned to me a powerful statement. The purpose of every business is to be relevant to somebody. If you’re no longer relevant you don’t have a business.

    That’s the goal of the Power Blog. It is relevant to its memebers to grow the downlines and promote their businesses. If they can’t do this effectively anymore then the Power Blog is no longer relevant and loses its edge.

    My goal is to keep the Power Blog relevant and cutting edge. I seek new technology and advertising trends and incorporate them into the Power Blog.

    Once again, buidler99 I appreciate your contribution to the Power Blog community.

    Take care,