July 2006 – Issue 06-07-01 Of Builder99 Power-Blog-News

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Welcome to this issue of the new and exciting Builder99 Power-Blog-News

What’s New At The PowerBlog?
Last time I checked there were 391 PowerBlog Members. (July 2006)
Steady growth of 78 more members since last report. And remember this is the time of year when many people spend more time outdoors and less time on the internet.

Here is something that has been with us for a little while but may be new to many of you. It is the ability for members to choose whether to show all blog posts no matter who the is, or show just their own posts.

The following info is taken, in part, from one of the Powerblog forum postings where our admin was explaining this feature to us.

"Blogging is one thing. Harvesting the affiliate program promotion magic of the is a whole new ball game. Now you can filter the posts that your visitors will see. This means that promoting your becomes even more meaningful than ever before.

This new feature improves your Power Blog experience in two ways.

1. Your personalized Power Blog will be picked up by the as a completely different web site. Your own title, description and content. You’re no longer competing with all the other Power Blog members for top rankings for the same keyword.

2. Create your own niche blog with your very own content. Only your posts will be shown. No other posts are visible to confuse your visitors. At this point the original Power Blog is completely out of the picture. You are in control. But you enjoy all the benefits of the Power Blog and its lead capturing power."

Where To Find It
Question: Where can I find an index list of all articles posted to the PowerBlog?

Answer: Log in to your member area and click on the Post Ref. tab. Currently there are 11 pages of indexed entries. You are also given the code needed if you wish to promote any article of your choice on your own webpages elsewhere.

It Works For Me – – (Builder99 Shares A PowerUser Tip)
Do you know how to send your viewers to an entire category at the PowerBlog? It is easy to promote one individual posting, but how do you display a group of postings such as might be found in the Newsletter category? See last month’s newsletter for the answer.

A Word To The Wise
Watch here for important issues and words of caution.
Be sure to always check your links. See if they go where you expected them to go. If not, then fix them right away. Don’t be careless about the little things.

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