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What’s New At The PowerBlog?

1777 total PowerBlog Members. An increase of 69 members since last report. Slow and steady continues to win the day.

What Else Is New At The PowerBlog?

In June of 2007 admin announced the creation of the PowerBlog’s very own manual surf Traffic Exchange. It is known as the Power Hits Exchange and here is the link you need to find it.


Just a reminder that the PowerBlog itself is available in a choice of languages, from Arabic to Welsh. About 2 dozen different world languages.

A Word To The Wise

Just because a program appears to be popular within certain groups of people does not guarantee that it is a program of real value.

Just because a program is ignored by the majority of people should not prevent you from taking a closer look at it. The majority are not always right.

You be the judge of what is best for you.

Please And Thank-You

Thank you for reading the Power-Blog-News. Be watching for the next issue.

Did you know that free members have a choice of 96 items to download? And for Pro members the Bonus Download section now offers 147 additional items.

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