What’s New At The PowerBlog?
748 total PowerBlog Members. An increase of 63 members since last report.

What Else Is New At PowerBlog?
The PowerBlog now offers a new internal message system. Members can earn points by reading these messages and clicking on the link provided. Just login to your members area. Look for clickable link called Inbox(xx) near the top right hand side. (xx= number of messages currently on file)

Where To Find It
Ever wonder which programs are the most popular with our Powerblog members? Now you can easily find out. Just login to your members area and click on new link called View Today’s Affiliate Program Rankings.

Question. Where do I find the FAQ link?
Answer. Just click on the Register link at top left menu area. Then look for FAQ link just above the Registration Info boxes.

It Works For Me
I took the time to find out more about the new Affiliate Program Login button. Watch future issues of the Power-Blog-News for more info. Hint: I can now see the date I last logged in to my favorite programs from inside my Powerblog members area.

A Word To The Wise
If you keep on doing the same old things in the same old ways you will keep on getting the same old results. Anybody interested in finding some new results?

Please And Thank-You
Thank you for reading the Power-Blog-News. Be watching for the next issue.

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Until next time, Builder99 wishing you, Much Joy In Your Online Journey and reminding you that the PowerBlog offers the 2-tier IMT Affiliate Program.

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