June 2006 – Sample Issue Of Builder99 Power-Blog-News

A Warm Welcome
Welcome to this issue of the new and exciting Builder99 Power-Blog-News

What’s New At The ?
Last time I checked there were 304 PowerBlog Members. (June 2006)

Where To Find It
To see how many personal posts you have created, and the number of comments received, do the following. Login to your PowerBlog members area. Click on the "Posts" tab. The Number in brackets is the number of comments your post received.

It Works For Me – – (Builder99 Shares A PowerUser Tip)
Do you know how to send your viewers to an entire category at the PowerBlog? It is easy to promote one individual posting, but how do you display a group of postings such as might be found in the Newsletter category?

Watch this space for the answer. (Coming soon)

A Word To The Wise
Watch here for important issues and words of caution.

Please And Thank-You
Thank you for reading the Power-Blog-News.
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