I promised more frequent updates and here we go. In my last post I wrote about niche markets and how to tap into the real wealth of online businesses. The one thing I didn’t mention was how to get all the traffic to your websites.

Just to be blunt, because you’re into , optimization and content optimization doesn’t mean the rest of the world is into it as well. Even with limited knowledge of what IM and SEO means, you’re light years ahead of the in thousands of niche markets.

Not to sound arrogant, just to be honest about what’s going on. The reason why I make this statement is my recent experience with these webmasters, while driving up my page ranks. I actually had to teach some of them how to add a link to a web page, and these sites rank in the top ten of for many keywords.

I’m able to reach PR 4 with any website within a couple of months using the same strategies and tactics over and over again. This positions my websites in the top 10 for hundreds of niche market keywords and traffic is exploding as we speak.

You might ask “What does this has to do with the ?”. Well, a lot. Besides offering one of the most effective , , product downloads and many other services, the Power Blog now offers unique tools to provide exciting content to your visitors. My previous post mentioned how to get tons of content in hundreds of niche markets.

The Poll Generator is a perfect example for that. This will add a poll to your website in 3 easy steps. No complicated tools to install or getting frustrated with coding your own system. The Power Blog will provide these functions to all Power Blog members as part of their membership.

Also, keep your eyes open when you login to your Power Blog account. From time to time you will see OTO offers. What this means is that these are truly one time offers that are valid at the moment you seem them. No second chance, when it’s gone, it is gone. Once you see you will know what I mean. The only thing you can say then is “Darn, I should have acted when I had a chance to”. I leave it at this.

You propably remember the announcement about the Power Blog website for Power Blog members. I’m still working on it, but I have to limit the usage to PRO members only. Why? This is a very complex system and PRO members should get the best of it. Hence, they pay a premium for it as well. The main focus on Power Blog enhancements will be for PRO members. No, I’m not lowering the monthly fees, nor do I offer a lifetime membership. This is only offered for the PRO Lite memebership.

Lastely, the leaderboard is in full swing and we are about 350 members shy of the infamous 2000 member milestone. Remember, there’s a cash contest in full swing at it is still possible to take the lead in the contest for the most referrals.

Before I go, don’t forget to sign up for the Power Blog affiliate program. Just because your a member of the Power Blog, doesn’t mean that you’re an affiliate. You MUST register for the affiliate program seperately. This is a legal separation and not a technical limitation.

Ok, that’s it for now. I will be back soon to talk more about niche markets and how to cash in.

Take care,

PS: If you didn’t know it already, Better Universe closed its doors for good. I’m not going into details. Other’s already got letters from attorneys for talking to much about it and I’m not going there. The only thing you need to know is that it is closed for good. Just try to login to your account and you see what I mean.

P.P.S.: I completely forgot about a website I created many years ago, but it is still going strong. It’s called Online Business Ideas. Within this website I feature some references to niche market affiliate programs. This might be of interest if you want to get into the niche market IM business.