The past few days were very busy for the Power Blog . There was a massive release upgrade to get Twitter integrated into the Power Blog. Most features are up and running. A few Twitter special effects are still waiting for their prime time. They will be up and running in a few days.

The partnership with the Free Traffic Bar and the Internet One System is in full swing. The bonuses to these systems have been sent out and all new Power Blog members will get the bonuses as a welcome gift.

Over the next few weeks I will teach the Power Blog members how to effectively use the Free Traffic Bar and the Internet One System to grow their .

Combined with the Twitter integration, this partnership marks an important milestone in the history.

Do you remember the the post "How To Generate Another Million Hits" ? Well, this strategy is still valid and fresh. The only thing I have to add is that you need to evaluate the participating programs. Traffic exchange programs come and go, but the strategy I have outlined in this post never gets old. So, do yourself a favor and go out there and practice.

I use Michael Cobb's H-I-T system to find new traffic exchanges that could work with my strategy. The Traffic Testers site is also a good source for traffic exchanges that work.

Many new features were added to the Power Blog PRO membership. This is without a doubt the best value on the net for any . If you find another paid site that offers equally the same features for less money, I will give you the membership for the prize you found somewhere else.

2009 will be very busy for the Power Blog. So, better get on board now and enjoy the ride.

To your success,