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From the desk of Peter Dobler
Thursday, 10:31am

Dear Friend,

Bold words, aren't they? Well not really. There are many systems that offer free blogging or free downline builders. So, why should you pay for something that's readily available? Because this system works and will work very well, regardless of your experience or how much work you put in.

Money Tree

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Blogs require time and dedication. Who has time for this? Downline builders require a lot of time to drive traffic to them and then you're still at the mercy of the downline builder operator who's ultimately decides which programs are supported and which not to support at all.

If you think about how you want to promote your affiliate programs, traffic exchanges and other programs you are part of. You would wish you could reuse the same resource to let your downline do the same exact thing. Ever since you started with this internet marketing thing, you heard the same phrase over and over again. Don't reinvent the wheel, do what your sponsor is doing.

Well, that's nice. They give you the advice and guidelines, but they don't give you the tools to actually do what they preach.

Finally! There is a all-in-one system that delivers the missing piece. The tool that actually let's you do what your sponsor told you to do. Don't get confused or frustrated if you don't exactly understand how the system works. As long as you understand the power of it you're fine.


Introducing: Power Blog PRO


Here's why you need the Power Blog PRO:

Add as many new programs to the system as you like. Create your own downline builder system. The Power Blog is destined to become the largest downline builder with the most participating programs and you will be a major key player.

Post a new endorsement or review article each and every day. Each PRO member is also an author for the Power Blog. You don't have to write a single word, but just in case you want to, you can. This is not your every day article directory. These are real live reviews and honest opinions. Again, the Power Blog will become THE resource for internet marketing tips & reviews and you will be a major key player.

Get an instant backlink to your website from a high Google PR website. This can be used to get a new website listed with Google in under 48 hrs. Other sites charge a premium just for this.

Being a major key player in building a internet giant also means that you will be a major beneficiary of the profits and traffic it produces. I don't know about you, but my head is spinning calculating the possibilities sitting at the helm of future internet giant.

To give you a visual idea on what the Power Blog is and how it works, please watch this short presentation to get a better understanding.


Nothing Worked For Me So Far!


You are trying so hard to create a footprint online. The terms used are Chinese to you and SEO sounds like a lot of work. You are doing what the gurus telling you to do and nothing works. This is frustrating, isn't it?

What if you could simply plug in a few numbers and add a few of your very special affiliate programs and there's a system that works 24/7 on promoting all of your affiliate programs and systems.

What if you could put all of your private label rights articles into one simple place and see your advertising profits from your favorite text ad promotion system skyrocket.

What if you could put all of your online advertising on autopilot and never lose sleep over it again.

The brand new article directory system is the latest addition to the Power Blog. Please click here to see it in action. You've gotta see it to believe it.



Customize The Power Blog

In addition to the already powerful blog features, you will be able to customize the look and feel of your Power Blog system with a variety of blog skins.


These are 2 examples of the 15(!) available Power Blog system skins
you can choose from.


Please take a look at the Power Blog system as it is shown to all the visitors and Free members. This is the system standard and only PRO members can change this.

Your Power Blog system could look like this, or this, or more like this, maybe like this. There are 15 different skins available and you also have access to HTML templates that will perfectly blend your website with the Power Blog system skins. Talking about brand recognition. This is the ultimate way to do it.


If this is not enough, you are also able to insert your very own advertising. This is option is priceless. Add your Amazon Id, 7Search.com Id, advertise your own affiliate programs, your own product and everything else you can imagine. The possibilities are endless.


Put Cold Hard Cash Into Your Pockets


Free MoneyHere's an fact about the Power Blog that will blow you away. The Power Blog distributes credits based on the presents of cookies. Don't worry if you don't know what this means. But what it means for you is that your job is to guide as much traffic to your personalized Power Blog splash pages and sales pages as possible. This will spread the cookies all over the net.

Due to the Power Blog's high search engine rankings, most visitors return to the Power Blog via keyword searches from the major search engines. If you ever send this this visitor to the Power Blog before, the Power Blog remembers this and when the same visitor arrives through another source, you still get the credit.

Only PRO members have the ability to create their own downline builder system that will then explode their downlines to a level never seen before.




Additional Bonuses

Free Traffic BarSign up with the Power Blog and the Free Traffic Bar will
give away 25,000 Free Ads.

This is a special deal offered by a partnership between the Power Blog and the Free Traffic Bar.

The Free Traffic Bar turns the time you spend on the Internet into traffic AND profits without changing anything you do now!

Internet One SystemSign up with the Power Blog and the Internet One System will give away 25,000 Free Banner Ads.

This is a special deal offered by a partnership between the Power Blog and the Internet One System.

The Internet One System brings all the tools an Internet Marketer needs together under one easy-to-use interface!

More Benefits of The Power Blog PRO


You probably expect a software and ebook download section as part of your PRO membership. Guess what? You're right. As an active Pro member you have access to your personal Power Blog PRO Members Only download section. Every month there are new premium software tools ready to download. There are many master resale rights products available as well as private label rights. The value of these products exceed your monthly membership fee by an order of magnitude. Other membership sites charge double the fee and deliver not even half the services and products Power Blog PRO delivers each and every day.

As an active internet marketer you know how important it is to create mini sites with their own domain name. The cost of registering a domain name is as cheap as it gets and web hosting is cheap too. Until you try to get 20 or 30 of these mini sites out the door. Domain names run about $8 per year. So this is no big deal, but the $5 times 20 per month will burn a hole into your pockets. I thought this is ridiculous and decided that the Power Blog PRO needs to offer web hosting with at least 50 add-on domains.

Sign up for a PRO account today and you will enjoy world class web hosting including:

Storage Space: 1GB
Bandwidth: 3GB Data Transfer (more than you need)
Fantastico Script Library INCLUDED
E-mail Accounts: 150
Spam Blocker: INCLUDED
Full Source Admin cPanel 11.x: INCLUDED
Front Page 2002 Extensions: INCLUDED
PHP 5.x w/Zend Optimizer INCLUDED
Parked Domains INCLUDED - 50
Auto Responders INCLUDED - UNLIMITED (not follow-up)
Site Redirects INCLUDED
Server Side ENABLED
Web Based Email ENABLED
Email Forwarding ENABLED
MySQL 5.x accounts ENABLED - 50
MailMan List Server ENABLED
Private cgi-bin ENABLED
FullSource Tools Site Stats INCLUDED
Latest Visitors Log ENABLED
Raw Access Log ENABLED
Subdomain Statistics ENABLED
Hotlink Protection ENABLED
Customized Error Pages ENABLED
Full Source Extras Same Day Setup ENABLED
99.9% Uptime YES!
Email Virus Protection ENABLED


I've been told that I could charge well over $100 for this service, because it is in high demand and nobody else offers anything like it. If you are selling products as an affiliate you need Power Blog PRO. Plug in your affiliate IDs and the Power Blog system does the rest.

Get access to high quality content, rare to find software with master resale rights and hunderds of eBooks completely brandable with your affiliate IDs. The Power Blog PRO membership is the ultimate affiliate advertising machine that gives you back your most valued asset -> Your TIME. Finally, you can make money with your online business while spending more time with your family. Isn't this why you started a home business in the first place?

Order today and start making money with all of your affiliate programs. Don't waste your time with writing your own ad copy, no more constantly updating your website. We do it all for you and then some more.

PLUS: Create your own downline builder megasite. No software to download, no scripts to install. Just tell the Power Blog which programs you want to add and the Power Blog does the rest. Priceless hands-off operation that is unmatched.


Compare The Memberships

It is up to you to decide if you would benefit from the Power Blog PRO membership or from the PRO Lite membership or if the free membership is just right for you. Please review the comparison chart for reference purpose.

PRO Lite Membership PRO Membership
Affiliate Id Management
Free Downloads
RSS Feeds
Individual Blog Post Reference
Downline Builder
Personalized Web Site

The Power Blog will host your H-I-T squezze page that you can create with your H-I-T membership. Click here to see how it looks like.

You don't need a webhost to use this H-I-T feature. With the Power Blog you would need to have your own web host.

Earn 50% commission for downline upgrades  
Downline Builder with your own programs  
Add New Programs  
Post Your Own Articles  
Change Look & Feel With 15 Different Skins  
Insert Your Own Ads in Left Hand Menu  
Change The Program Sign Up Links to Your Own Links  
Use Your Own IDs for Amazon and 7Search.com  
Personalized Profile  
Send messages to all Power Blog members  

Spill Over Traffic (Receive all the unqualified search engine traffic like it is your own traffic.)    
Web Hosting    
Restrict the posts displayed to your own posts only    
Change the title of the Power Blog    
Master Resale Rights Downloads    
Guaranteed qualification for spill over sign ups    
Earn an extra 200 points to the Power Blog index    
Over 1Gb of tools and ebooks with master resale rights.    
PRO membership to the Power Hits Exchange (monthly savings: $19.95)    
Access to the Power Blog Article Directory system. Add as many articles as you want to the world's best article directory system.    
Store all your usernames and passwords to all your afffiliate programs or other programs you are participating. Never forget a password again and never forget that you are a member of a certain program. The Power Blog keeps track of your login history.    
Adding Power Points daily without having to login to the system. No more login to collect Power Points!    
Automatically send Twitter direct messages to new followers and send a personalized thank you link. (A powerful viral tool used by many IM gurus. This is advanced programming made accessible to Power Blog PRO users only)    


What Others Have to Say

Peter, I can confirm that the services offered by the PowerBlog have been above and beyond anything I have seen on the Internet in the past 7 years.

I joined the PowerBlog just a few short weeks ago and have seen many improvements during that time.

This is software that works. This is advertising that gets results. This is about a website owner who knows what to do and how to do it.

My questions have all been answered in a timely and easy to understand manner. Easy learning curve to get my account personalized and set up for growth. Helpful forum for support and education.

The PowerBlog keeps on getting better. My downline is growing. My patience has finally been rewarded. I have found the Online Treasure that I always believed must be out there somewhere ...

No longer is it out there - "somewhere"

It is HERE. It is NOW. Just give me my PowerBlog and let me share it with the whole online world!


I own and operate a home business directory website. My site is dedicated to helping people find legitimate and reliable home based businesses. On the internet people are often skeptical of information coming from one source. I have recently started using your Power Blog to support my research on the validity of businesses I support. I have found that by combining my research and your articles on your Power Blog, with my links in them, I have increased my readers trust in me. This increased trust will only result in increased sales. Thank you for this great tool in my toolbox.

Chris Stirling

Very good ideas Peter... can't wait to see more.

Craig O

Very Impressive! Just a few short days after I put your plan to work for me, and I'm already seeing results! Thank you for your hard work!

Dave Roggeman

When the IMT blog first started I told Peter I couldn't wait to see more...and now that I have I can say WOW, I'm really impressed with all of the capabilities of the IMT Power Blog. It truly is an amazing Internet marketing resource!

Craig Osenbaugh

Very Impressive! Just a few short days after I put your plan to work for me, and I'm already seeing results! Thank you for your hard work!

Dave Roggeman

Peter, Just a note about the 5 day SFI program. This program works and easy to setup and run. I have had 11 new affiliates join my SFI business over the last 2 weeks. One went EA. I open up Autohits start the program them minimize in my toolbar. I let it run for 3-4 hours at a time to build up credits. I have just gotten your blog installed on my website as well. Look forward to all the fresh content being put on my website for people to look at when they visit my site. Lots of great benefits for going PRO. Well worth the small investment for all the great tools and information. Thanks Peter

Robert Oliver

Read more testimonials


Why Power Blog PRO And Not a Free Blogging Tool?

There are many reasons why you should use Power Blog PRO, but the most important one is that you don't have to write a single paragraph. Traditional blogging tools require a good amount of time to keep it up-to-date. A free blog requires YOU to write the content. You could write articles, but most article directories don't allow product reviews or sales pitches as articles. You're stuck unless you harness the power of the Power Blog PRO.

Place the Power Blog PRO RSS feed button onto your website and your visitor/customers will access the feed using your unique id, not visible to them. If there's a new product review your visitor will proceed to the product sales page with your affiliate id. Bingo, you just made an affiliate sale without even doing anything.

Gold PotBest of all, cookies ensure your commissions and affiliate redirects long after you send a visitor to the Power Blog system. Due to the high quality content and keyword optimized pages chances are that the same visitor finds the Power Blog system via search engines again. No worries, the cookies will work in your favor and remember that you send the this visitor to the Power Blog system the first time. Even if the visitor doesn't remember, the Power Blog system remembers and credits you.

Due to the fact that the Power Blog is increasing traffic and search engine rankings daily, your profits and downlines will soar to levels never seen before.

You don't even need to know a single thing about internet marketing, affiliate marketing or traffic exchanges. You don't even need to have your own website. The Power Blog becomes your website!

If you know how to sign up for an affiliate program or traffic exchange program, you can operate the Power Blog. Time to market is everything and the Power Blog delivers exactly that -> Faster time to market = More Profits!

Sign up with the Power Blog PRO and you will be in the market in seconds.



Here's a summary of what you will enjoy as a Power Blog PRO member:

Add your own affiliate programs to the system. Create your own downline builder empire. If a new program doesn't exist in the blog, the entire Power Blog will use your signup pages. Once you realized the power of this function you will never use anything but the Power Blog for your promotions. I spend months of programming to make this happen. Now you can create your very own downline builder program like no other. All other downline builder programs benefit the program owner and the program owner only. The Power Blog PRO puts you at the helm and once you started the ride there's no turning back and you will ask yourself why you didn't do this a long time ago.

Change the look and feel with 15 customizable skins.

World Class web hosting with one of the best hosting companies in the business.

Spill over signups, new members that didn't have a referral id, will be assigned to PRO members. This is a great way to jumpstart your downline.

Add your very own advertising codes for Amazon and 7Search.com (more to follow...).

Access to a members only download site with a boatload of quality information products and software. New items are added frequently.

Post you very own messages, review or sales letter to the blog.

Our affiliate program pays high commission for every new Power Blog PRO sale you make. This means monthly residual income as long as this member stays an active Power Blog PRO member. Just two new PRO members will pay your membership fees. You don't need to be a PRO member to receive the commissions.

All these benefits and many more to come for one low monthly membership fee of only $ 19.95 .

You need to be a FREE member in order to upgrade to PRO membership. Please click here to create your FREE account before subscribe to the PRO membership. This is not necessary, but makes the upgrade process much faster and easier.

30-day FREE trial period for the most powerful membership site available.

Brand NEW!: Store all your usernames and passwords to all your afffiliate programs or other programs you are participating. Never forget a password again and never forget that you are a member of a certain program. The Power Blog keeps track of your login history.

100% secure password protection with encrypted internet connections like you use with your bank and completely encrypted storage on our system. This is state of the art double protection.

Other systems charge a fortune just for that. The Power Blog PRO offers this as part of its membership.


Click here to comapre the memberships again.

As a member of the Power Blog PRO you have access to the highly desirable member's only section that provides eBooks and software. These are high quality tools. A majority of the tools in this section contain master resale rights, some of them have even private label rights.

I spend hundreds of hours and even more money to collect these tools and I'm giving them to my valuable members of the Power Blog PRO as part of the membership. This is way more than an ordinary membership site. It's a high power affiliate program promotion that also delivers high quality products as part of your membership. Call it the best membership site available.


These are the latest products available to PRO members

Order Your Free 30-Day Trial Now!


Order NOW

and take advantage of this great offer and the ridiculously low price of $ 19.95 after you enjoyed a 30-day trial period. (This includes a full PRO membership to the Power Hits Exchange)

You will be taken to the checkout routine of Internet Marketing Tools, owner of the Power Blog system, and the send to the highly secure checkout screen of PayPal or Alertpat, depending on your choice of payment. PayPal and Alertpay are the worldwide leader in secure subscription payments.
You can cancel your membership at any time.


To Your Success,
Peter Dobler


PS: Who has time to keep up with marketing the dozens of affiliate programs you accumulated over time. Most likely you focus on the latest program that you joined just a few weeks ago. Power Blog PRO injects new life into all of your affiliate program promotions with one single action. Free yourself from the pain of finding new ways to promote your affiliate programs.

Order today for a peace of mind that your affiliate programs will be hard at work to provide for your financial future.

LEGAL NOTE - EARNINGS DISCLAIMER: Every effort has been made to accurately represent this deal and its potential. Remember that each individual's success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is no certain guarantee that you will earn any money.


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