Today sees the release of our new "" version of WP Post Bot, our quick and easy blog that can instantly turn any package of private label articles into a complete sequence of automatic blog posts.

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WordPress Post Bot Gold

You may already be familiar with our powerful WordPress WP Post Bot auto posting software.

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WordPress Post Bot Gold

WP Post Bot was already a superb solution for bloggers, but it just got even better with the release of our new Gold version.

The Gold version adds "RSS auto posting", which allows you to create blog posts from other peoples content, all on autopilot.

The beauty of RSS content is that it never runs out, so your blog can be updated forever without you lifting a finger.

And with WP Post Bot Gold's unique solution, you can post a series of articles to your blog and then have the software switch to RSS content when the articles run out.

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WordPress Post Bot Gold

WP Post Bot Gold also has another valuable new benefit.

You can "inject" affiliate links directly into your article content, turning key words/phrases into clickable links that can make you extra money.

This is a proven solution for boosting income – and it can be added to your blogs in just a few seconds.

With all these valuable features, you might expect the Gold version to cost a lot extra. But in fact it costs just $12.95 extra for all these amazing features.

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WordPress Post Bot Gold

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PS: You can use your copy of the software to auto post to ALL your blogs, without paying any extra.

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WordPress Post Bot Gold