How would you like to have your own website built for you automatically without you having to do any work, have it automatically attract traffic from the , then have it automatically generate an income for you using that traffic – and all without any effort from you?

In an ideal world, maybe you'd also like to leverage the result to feed traffic into any existing site that you own – or to an – to generate additional income.

I'm sure that right now you're probably thinking that all this sounds like pure marketing fantasy.

However now I'd like to tell you about a brand new script which goes a long way towards achieving these goals – and all in a very easy to use system…

Links Bro is a brand new script which automatically builds a directory on your website covering just about every topic – from arts to science and business to sports – all neatly categorised into hundreds of sections. It automatically adds content to each section from it's built-in database of 500+ RSS feeds, resulting in continually updating content related to the particular topic – all without any effort from you.

The result is a site covering a wide range of subjects (just about everything) with separate pages for each topic – all with automatic, continually updated content – all designed to attract visitors from the search engines.

The script also places code onto every single page automatically. All you need to do is enter your ID when you setup the script – and then sit back and let the script display topic-related adverts, generating income for you automatically from every click.

Since Links Bro also incorporates a full links directory, it offers anyone visiting your site the chance to submit a link to their own website into the directory. Visitors are required to first create a link to your site BEFORE the script will allow them to submit their link (the script has its own built-in mini-spider to check that they've done this before it will accept their link). Altogether this provides a powerful way to build lots of links to your site, increasing the page rank of your website and thus increasing its appeal to the search engines.

Links Bro is designed so it can be used as just part of a complete website and features links back to your home page where you can promote anything you want. You can create a new site with a new home page – for example to promote an affiliate program or a new product – or just install the script as part of an existing site. As your Links Bro ranking increases, it will drag your home page ranking up with it, hence boosting to your entire website.

Links Bro may not be quite the holy grail of , but with it's relatively quick and easy setup and well designed layout, it's about as close as your likely to get any time soon.

With it's clever design, it would be an asset to just about any type of website – a , a , a site selling herbal remedies or just about anything else.

To see a demo of what your Links Bro directory could look like, please visit…

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