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What makes this system better than others?

Advanced security
We don't allow any information to be changed after the registration process for security reasons

Guaranted Earnings
All members will get their $96,079.90 by filling their forced matrix. How fast they get their $96,079.90 is dependent on how well they advertise their referral link as well as spillover.

Referrer's Spillover
When your referrer has 7 Level 1 referrals and someone signs up using his referral link, then this new member will be assigned under you.

Site's Spillover
When someone joined the program without any referral URL, he will be placed under an active member whose Level 1 referrals is less than 7.

Multiple Accounts
All members can create as many accounts as they like using the same AlertPay account. The system just requires different usernames and e-mail addresses.

Too many People are spending $10 to $500 in HYIP's
Only to risk it for 150 – 300% returns assuming they will get paid, that will not happen in My2Dollars.