For the past few days I kept you posted on my progress with setting up my affiliate account with Affiliate Junktion. After numerous email exchanges, my site is finally up and running.

As I said before, I found a great domain name and if I don't see any benefits in maintaining my Affiliate Junktion affiliation, I get to keep my domain name. That's why I registered this domain name with GoDaddy and not iPowerWeb.

Ok, lets talk about the system itself. Is it just me or does Affiliate Junktion try to implement a slim copy of Stone Evans' PIPS system? There are many similarities, but there's also a big difference. Stone does the work for you, whereas Affiliate Junktion lets you do the work. Of course they have decent documentation and how to material on their website. But if you're an absolute newbie, forget it. You will be lost 5 minutes into reading what you have to do.

I found the website Affiliate Junktion is providing a bit boring and cookie cutter like design. The only thing that might grab a visitor's eye is the statement claiming that anybody can make $150 a day within 30 days. That's my friends is a bold statement to begin with and if you do the math that's $4,500 a month or $54,000 a year. I have yet to find anybody that is starting out from scratch making that kind of money in 30 days.

I will put this system to the test. I have dozens of websites, lot's of traffic and thousands of subscribers to my newsletters. If I can't get to $150 a day within 30 days, how could you do it, if you are just starting with affiliate marketing? This is not an insult, rather a reality check.

There are 2 tools that I will use to push lots of traffic to my little site

AdWord Analyzer

This is a must have tool if you want to find the niche keywords in a highly competitive keyword bidding environment. Without a tool getting into AdWords is suicide. You will get financially hurt, this is not a question of if. It is a question of when. Invest a few bucks in AdWord Analyzer and you will be thankful forever having avoided deadly keyword bid wars.

Directory Maximizer

This is a little bit a slower approach to get traffic, but it is more effective in the long run than anything else that I have tested so far. Directory Maximizer is a directory submission service that submits your website to hundreds and thousands of directory websites. This is not an automated blast that gets your domain name banned in a hurry. This is a manual submission service that actually gets your listing accepted 95% of the time and over time your will gain hundreds of one-way links back to your website.


I will post from time to time what is going on. But more important I will post my 30 day milestone about the earnings claim.

So, stay tuned and post a comment of you have experience with Affiliate Junktion.