Sometimes things happen for a reason and sometimes things happen because you don’t know better. A similar situation happened to me several years ago. I just started my first steps online and came across a system that looked very promising at the time. Well, it looked promising based on my knowledge at the time.

I got trapped in a spiral of empty promises and finally I gave up. I spent a lot of money and had nothing to show for. Imagine the frustration I built up in me, not to mention the financial whole it left behind. Hindsight is 20/20, but I hat to be a Monday that goes out there and let everybody know, I told you so.

Ok, enough wining. The system I’m talking about is GDI. For crying out loud, why in the world would you go back to these guys? I hear you loud and clear. But hold your horses, I stumbled across another opportunity that actively endorsed the GDI system. That’s what prompted another hard look at their system.

Here’s what I found;

– Ideal for starters
– Ideal for non techies
– Easy to use
– Income opportunity

– Expensive (even with domain registration and hosting)
– Hosting is inflexible
– Too much hype
– Looks like a scam

Back in the days GDI offered a paid lead option. Naive I was I bought thousands of leads for thousands of dollars and almost went broke. I thought that secret of success was in mass emailing to leads who I had no idea where they came from. Sure enough the leads where low quality and no riches emerged from the GDI system.

So far it still looks like a pretty bad deal, doesn’t it? I know. I wouldn’t jump om it either. But there are some positive points GDI has to offer. For , setting up a website can be a nightmare and many are giving up there. GDI has a fool proof system that allows you to get your own domain and a website in just a few mouse clicks and you don’t even need to know what exactly you’re doing. It’s all automated and works like clockwork.

The other benefit is, that you can get up to 10 email accounts. I know, , and offer these email accounts for free. But many traffic exchanges and safelists banned these accounts. So, now what do you do?

I actually put the new GDI to the test. The system is much improved since I was a member years ago. I moved my old Power Blog information website to the new domain Within 15 minutes everything was up and running, no problems at all. Also the built-in webpage generator is pretty easy to use and provides enough features for your first webpage.

There is no limit on how much traffic you can run towards the . I plan to use GDI as my landing host for splash pages. This will keep the bandwidth low for my main accounts. Don’t worry if you don’t understand what this means. I just illustrated that GDI offers an option for everybody.

The new GDI also offers a 7 day trial period. Check it out for 7 days and don’t pay a dime if you don’t like it.

Bottomline: GDI improved their offerings and stepped away from their shady past. No more hype, just plain simple domain registry and web hosting, plus a ton of marketing material. A bit pricey, but at least you get the opportunity to recover your cost by referring new members.

If you can’t think of a way how to put GDI to work, check out The Home Income Team. Mike integrated GDI into his system and it fits like a glove.