I gained a reputation as somebody who tells it as it is. This time I will talk about Affiliate Junktion. I do have a separate post series on putting their claims to the test, but this little write-up is all about the program itself.

Many of you are probably wondering what the sudden hype about Affiliate Junktion is all about. I don't know exactly how it started, but after researching this program I came to the conclusion that it is nothing else but a glorified affiliate shell for iPowerWeb.

Affiliate Junktion has nothing to offer other than a one page website. This website doesn't require any CPU power what so ever. But you have to sign up for the professional version of iPowerWeb to receive the website and some instructions on how to set it all up.

The only advantage of Affiliate Junktion over promoting iPowerWeb is the fact that Affiliate Junktion pressures new subscribers to sign up for the professional iPowerWeb account in order to receive the free website. That's it my friends. No more and no less.

The only good news at this point is that Affiliate Junktion pays you $75 toward your . OK, now you got 1 year of professional from iPowerWeb for free. If you know what you're doing and are in need of a cheap , go for it. If you believe the hype and you really think that Affiliate Junktion will make you rich, wait until I post my 30 day challenge with them.

If I am able to proof the wild claims of Affiliate Junktion, you should run to sign up. If you are out there to find a goldmine and Affiliate Junktion is not living up to its claims, you should move on.

So, stay tuned and listen to my next episode with Affiliate Junktion.