Who benefits from using Optimization (SEO)?

Everyone.  Let me explain.

It can be easy for business owners to look at SEO as an attractive means of improving their position with . This can be a great long-term strategy that really works well for business, but the benefits don't stop there.

Your diligence in SEO also benefits the search engines. That's right. The search engines place a lot of stock in the best websites available. They want consumers relying on .

If you are not diligent in SEO techniques you run the risk of placing the search engines at a disadvantage by passing on higher rankings to sites that may be inferior to yours.

When you concentrate on learning the skills of SEO you are also improving your position with customers who can benefit from your site. When you focus on SEO you are fine tuning your site to assist the consumer in locating the best content, products and services related to their original .

Some may think that SEO provides an unfair advantage, but the truth is it actually provides the best direction signs allowing consumers to find what they are looking for.

Look at virtually any large retailer. They will place strategic signs around their store to allow customers the best chance of finding the products they are looking for. They delineate the store into aisle numbers that allow customers to make return visits in comfort knowing they can find what they need every time they visit.

This is the thinking behind SEO. It becomes a store map and directory all in one. Customers can easily find you and the attention to detail can help consumers locate exactly what they need.

Search Engine Optimization shouldn't be thought of simply in terms of a novel approach to advertising – it is by far the least expensive way to develop ecommerce. Even if the personal motive for SEO is selfish the result is a three-way benefit that goes beyond your personal motivation.

1.  You should know that the role of SEO is dependent on fresh content. In other words, the search engines benefit from articles.

2.  The growth of your site will be assisted by new articles that adhere to your SEO strategies. Your website will benefit from articles according to SEO.

3.  This content is what consumers look for in sites they plan to visit more than once. The consumber benefits from the information as well.

Let's face it, if your website looks like a billboard it is entirely likely you won't find people intentionally surfing the information superhighway to rediscover your billboard. They want to know more and they will place more trust in sites that provide that 'something extra' even if the consumer has no immediate intention of buying.

SEO is not some magical formula that automatically places your site at the top of the pack; it is simply the best way to gain an ally in companies that can help you the most in driving consumers to your site.

Search engines want you to succeed, but they can't force you to learn the skills. They can simply make it advantageous for you to do so.

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