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Help99-03 – Down Power-Blog Memory Lane with Builder99

Let’s take a walk down Power-Blog Memory Lane with Builder99 How many members did the Power-Blog have in July of 2006? The answer might surprise you – It was approximately 391 members Now in December of 2012 it has reached the 5000 member milestone Steady growth is always better than **Here Today and Gone Tomorrow**Continue Reading

The Power Blog Reached 5000 Members and the Winners are…

We did it! The Power Blog reached 5,000 members. Wow, that is huge. Not just for the Power Blog, but for the winners of our leader board.Please join me in congratulating our winners: Rank Username # of Referrals 1 ebusinesst 337 2 DATENTERPR 200 3 wayneowens 197 4 SHARONHALL 195 5 gabrielm 160 Here’s whatContinue Reading

If you use Facebook, Twitter or Blog you will love this

Team Johnson is proud to offer you access to a free Social Medial Success video from Chalene Johnson! We all love Chalene anyway, but you’re not going to believe the amazing tips she offers to decipher the rapidly changing world of social media. This is a don’t-miss situation. We know you’ve been wanting to: RefineContinue Reading

Blog Making Money – Can You Do It

A blog making money is a blog that is generally successful.  While this isn?t the focal point of many blogs, for some, it?s a nice addition to their income and for the more successful, their only source of income and one that allows them a well enough lifestyle.  For the most part, making money offContinue Reading


Join The Revolution In Viral Marketing If there is a perfect viral marketing tool, this would be it. Advertising YOUR affiliate ids to millions of people without lifting a finger. This actually beats the famous slogan ‘Just add water’. The water is already there, you just use it. In 3 easy steps you can unleashContinue Reading


Powerblog is a one stop business site where you can build your own business with minimal capital.This is where you can learn and keep learning about the new trend of business online.If you want to boost traffic to your site at the same time you want to earn money online, Powerblog is the place forContinue Reading

Power Blog Updates

I know, I know, it's been a while since I last wrote in this blog. Having been absent for a while I am more than positively surprised how the members kept the good old Power Blog going. This is exactly how I envisioned it when I started the Power Blog more than 4 years ago.Continue Reading

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