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Builder99 Shares Quality Online Resources – TreeDBNotes

  Builder99 Shares Quality Online Resources – TreeDBNotes Builder99 here with some info about a free Notes and Personal Information Manager known as TreeDBNotes It is described as a freeware personal information manager software As the name suggests, it uses a tree structure for you to store and manage many types of information Another featureContinue Reading

Tools Set The Stage

A URL is common knowledge to place in WEBSITES on Traffic Exchanges [TEs]. However, that is a one-shot effort that takes a lot of time to bear conversions. Adding a banner and a text ad increase conversion potential as much as 300%. However, there are a couple of bad actions that can drive your prospectContinue Reading

Help99-05 Builder99 Finds XPad Text Editor ver 4.5

  Builder99 Does It Again – He Found Another Online Treasure – XPad Text Editor Not a Sticky-Notes for your desktop program – Not some 7-inch super mini Tablet to play games – When Builder99 thinks XPad, he thinks Text Editor I downloaded the 32-bit version and the size was 795KB No installation required –Continue Reading

Have you seen the New Free and Powerful System Yet?

Here is a breakdown on Free and Powerful -Earn a Bonus of $50 in 3 Fast & Easy Steps!-Earn $20 to $100 Over and Over Again!-Multiple Downline Builder -Step by Step Video Training-5 Additional Websites all this for FREE! Get yourself over to Free and Powerfulwith a turn key system at zero cost. Moving early counts.Do itContinue Reading

A short story…

    Today I want to share with you a story that I believe will open your eyes… Once upon a time there was a Bill and there was a Mary. They are both just trying to make money online. They both spend exactly the same amount of time doing this… Bill is really excitedContinue Reading

Be A Millionaire. This Millionaire Bootcamp Video Shows You How's GUIDE TO PROFITING ON THE INTERNET– Saturday, October 31, 2009PLUS.. Daily Tips, Internet Articles, and Much More!Visit http://www.ActionHomeBusiness.comPublisher: Dan L Orr~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Be A Millionaire. This Millionaire Bootcamp VideoShows You How by Dr. Jeffrey Lant A recent survey showed there are approximately77,000 millionaires on earth. Collectively theycontrol 1/4 of the world's wealth. By comparisonthere areContinue Reading

The Thieves Out There

Prologue – After using the WWW Internet for over Seven Years I Have Witnessed some truly horror Stories, Hackers who just like to create MISTUFF With Websites, copy, steal, the entire source code, copy graphic images,,, all the way to the sad stories of Clickbank’s Marketplace Affiliate Commissions being stolen. More on that later. ByContinue Reading

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