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I stumbled upon WebsiteTrafficFormula today

  I stumbled upon a good traffic generating site today.I thought I should share it with all my subscribers (and visitors of course). Here's the link. They are called "WebsiteTrafficFormula".I suspect the owners are related to the hugely successful "DreamTeamFormula" system. Anyway, back to "WebsiteTrafficFormula".They have Free membership for you to try out their system.BasicallyContinue Reading

How To Create a Twitter Empire

A few days ago I announced that the Power Blog is fully integrated into Twitter. Every activity will be tweeted to the Power Blog Twitter account and all its followers will get an update. This is great to keep your followers up to date. You can add your Twitter ID to the Power Blog andContinue Reading

How to Generate Another Million Hits

Overview The main purpose of the Power Blog is to promote affiliate programs and grow downlines with unique articles and blog posts. This will attract search engines and the Power Blog system will work its magic. One of the first posts on the Power Blog was called "How to Generate 1 Million Hits". The conceptContinue Reading

Gain An Advantage With Social Networking

You might have heard the term social networking before. But chances are that you didn’t pay attention to it. The same goes with social bookmarking. Both terms are heavily used amongst internet marketing gurus. There’s a simple reason. You will get the word out to people with similar interests. Selling internet marketing products to peopleContinue Reading

Play The Odds

Your number one priority in internet marketing is, reach as many people as possible and deliver the same message over and over again. If you’re selling a product, this is a no-brainer. But if you don’t have a product or even not even a website, your options are limited. You will most likely promote theContinue Reading

Boost Your Search Engine Rankings

Free traffic exchange programs are always in high demand. Regardless what internet marketing gurus try to tell you. They are as attractive to newcomers as they are to professional marketers. Here’s a secret you might not be aware of. One of the criteria search engines are using to rank your website is traffic. They couldContinue Reading

How to Generate 1 Million Hits

Introduction In my very first course about increasing traffic to your web site, I posted a concept, original developed by Dirk Wagner ( in his book "Follow Up To Wealth". This course was geared towards SFI members and their downline. Meanwhile I got a lot of requests to expand this concept to other systemsContinue Reading

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