Membership Guru

You've probably heard how lucrative starting a membership site can be. Getting paid every month from members willing to pay your monthly fee for access to your websites content is an incredibly profitable method of generating recurring income.With your own community, you can develop … Continue reading

What’s Next?

The past few days were very busy for the Power Blog . There was a massive release upgrade to get Twitter integrated into the Power Blog. Most features are up and running. A few Twitter special effects are still waiting for their prime time. They will be up and running in a few days.The partnership … Continue reading

The AKH Blueprint

Yesterday I shared my Eureka moment with you. Please read my post "This Blew Me Away" if you haven't already.Now let's take it up a notch.Here's an easy 7 step instruction or call it the Blueprint on how to create sustainable traffic, email list and commission … Continue reading