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AM-Notebook Lite

  Just a little talk about AM-Notebook Lite – personal information manager software. A few days ago in one of my blog posts I mentioned using a simple text editor. Have never been a big fan of those huge Word Processors offering too many features that seldom get used by the average person. When itContinue Reading

Content Is King

If you followed the latest developments of the major search engines you will know that there is a huge change in how rankings are calculated. Of course you will never get a straight answer from Google, Yahoo or MSN, but recent chatter in the SEO community and my own observations indicate that something big isContinue Reading

Newsletter July 2005

Announcement Did you realize that InstantBuzz is back online? Well I did by accident when I checked my ad tracking and saw InstantBuzz as referrer. Believe it or not, but I certainly felt the impact of InstantBuzz being down. I’m glad that it is back online and Mike will repeat the big push sometime atContinue Reading

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