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Gabriel Munteanu

My name is Gabriel Munteanu and now i’m a big fan of Peter Dobler, the creator of the IM Power Blog system.I am very excited about IM POWER BLOG and share so much with all of you. This site is a brilliant opportunity to online businesses that it is a true treasure to find andContinue Reading

Power Blog 2012

First I have to apologize. For a long time I neglected the Power Blog and my loyal members. This has changed. Last year I tried to convert the Power Blog to the “Wordpress” platform. This was a disaster, mildly speaking. After initial success, I hit one roadblock after another. Yes, the WordPress platform is theContinue Reading

Failing With Your MLM Business? Check This Out!

Hi there, Is your MLM Business going down the drain? Or maybe you've joined and quit so many times that you've lost count? Promoting MLM is hard, no doubt. However, the main reason you and most other people are failing has nothing to do with the company, the pay plan, or market saturation. It's allContinue Reading

New Power Blog Member Discounts

This is a brief announcement for existing Power Blog members. New discount membership rates are available right now: Free PRO Lite members can upgrade their account to a paid PRO Lite membership for just $4.97, instead of the regular $9.97. An upgrade to the paid membership will guarantee the PRO Lite status as long asContinue Reading


    Hello fellow marketer, Have you ever noticed everything sounds simple enough when you read it but when you actually start doing it you find out its not as easy as you thought or as the sales page says it was? That seems to be a common theme all over the internet, A bigContinue Reading

Power Blog Updates

I know, I know, it's been a while since I last wrote in this blog. Having been absent for a while I am more than positively surprised how the members kept the good old Power Blog going. This is exactly how I envisioned it when I started the Power Blog more than 4 years ago.Continue Reading

Help, Idiots Are Amongst Us

Sorry for the harsh title, but I have to be rude in this matter. Idiots are making my live misserable and put Power Blog members at risk. Twitter suspeneded the Power Blog account and a couple of other user accounts. I am in communication with Twitter to figure out what happened. But I can tellContinue Reading

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