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Beth Schmillen

Testimonial by Beth Schmillen Power-Blog is an all in one system providing you all the best internet marketing tools. There are three levels including joining free and becoming a Pro Lite member by earning points like tasks completed, promoting your links and messages read. If you are looking for a simple way to promote allContinue Reading

How to Generate Another Million Hits

Overview The main purpose of the Power Blog is to promote affiliate programs and grow downlines with unique articles and blog posts. This will attract search engines and the Power Blog system will work its magic. One of the first posts on the Power Blog was called "How to Generate 1 Million Hits". The conceptContinue Reading

Important Power Blog Announcement

I’m very excited to announce a new membership level for the Power Blog. Well, not quite new, but new to most of you. Introducing Power Blog PRO Lite The Power Blog PRO Lite membership offers every thing the original Power Blog PRO membership has to offer, except the download area. Another limitation is that youContinue Reading

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Collecting statistics on website usage. The Power Blog cookie is necessary for the entire Power Blog system to work. No personal information will be collected.

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Display paid advertising across the entire website.

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