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Social Media Traffic

Too many people go about it all wrong, and they end up ruining their reputations, or they get banned and lose all of the progress they have made. There’s no sense spending months building a following and a reputation if you’re just going to get banned and lose it all. In this report, I’m goingContinue Reading

This Social Network SECRET Could Make You

  Are you interested in using social media maketing channels to attract more leads to your site? We can all agree that Social Networking is HOT but… Most social networks have one ENORMOUS shortcoming…They really aren't made for people who want to make money marketing on the internet. Now there is a social network justContinue Reading

The A-Zzz’z of Online Social Networking

    The A-Zzz'z of Online Social Networking   We all know that online networking is important, but for those just getting started it�s a MASSIVE learning curve. * Where do you invest your energy first?* How do you choose the channels most beneficial for you?* When do you make the crossover from virtual connectionsContinue Reading

Rev Up Your Marketing – 2 Catalyst Programs

There are enviable ways of marketing products and services and there are tedious ways.  I'm sure you may have been exposed to many of each.  In my own endeavors, I've come across 2 programs that I'd like to share with you and review for you to use in conjunction with one another or perhaps oneContinue Reading

How To Use Bum Marketing Campaigns For Your Online Business

The majority of internet marketers, who are failing to succeed or giving up to soon, are doing so, because they are lacking the knowledge they need to have in order to set their online business to a good start. The kind of help you need to get your online business rolling, starts with an understandingContinue Reading

Review of BZ9

Previously I wrote about my great find in traffic strategies called MyTrafficStrategy by David Lockley.  It's a course on creating zero cost traffic and anybody can do this.  It's designed using trusted resources and maximizing their effects so you don't have to pay the extra dollars for advertising, SEO, Adwords and PPC.  David recommends usingContinue Reading

The 6dgr paradigm shift in Social Networking

Much has been made lately of the potential  of Social Networks as sources of potential revenue for marketers of affiliate programs.   While it is certainly true that this rather addictive pastime does indeed have  some possibilities, one must remember that the purpose of these networks are by and large for individuals to make new friends and stay inContinue Reading

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