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Builder99 Shares Quality Online Resources – Weebly Hosting

Builder99 Shares Quality Online Resources – Weebly Hosting October 11, 2014 Builder99 does it again – Shares more Online Treasures Info Are you looking for a platform to host your Blog and Website? Some time ago I discovered Weebly – I tried it – I like it Weebly lets you create web pages and aContinue Reading

If you use Facebook, Twitter or Blog you will love this

Team Johnson is proud to offer you access to a free Social Medial Success video from Chalene Johnson! We all love Chalene anyway, but you’re not going to believe the amazing tips she offers to decipher the rapidly changing world of social media. This is a don’t-miss situation. We know you’ve been wanting to: RefineContinue Reading

Power Blog And Twitter

Twitter changed the way it authorizes 3rd party connections a while ago. Unfortunately I didn't pay attention to this and kinda ignored it for too long. This has changed and the Power Blog offers the latest in Twitter integration. The first thing you need to do is to login to your account, select the TwitterContinue Reading

Boost your profits with inter ads…

Do you want a fast and easy way to boost profits from yourwebsites and blogs? Check out our brand new Inter Ad Profit Bot… Inter Ad Profit Bot   Have you noticed how the Internet is becoming more and more saturated with ads? Every page seems full of banner ads, flash ads, text ads andContinue Reading

Boost Your Google Rankings…

Do you want an easy way to boost your search engine rankings, by adding self-updating content to your websites? Or an easy way to show your own Twitter tweets on your web pages, to provide unique content and gain more followers?… Check out our brand new Tweet And RSS Bot here… Tweet And RSS Bot Continue Reading

WOW! my jaw dropped when I saw this!

We know that you love using Twitter, but how do you know that you are using it effectively? Some Questions you may be asking yourself? –          Ever wonder how you could start growing your twitter account based on followers who you can actually target?–          How can you reach your followers effectively?–          What tactics can you employ toContinue Reading

Twitter Update

You might have noticed a change in Twitter behavior. Especially if you are using an automated service updating your tweets. Well, Twitter decided to chane its API authentication method. This may not mean much to you, but for service providers like the Power Blog, it means that the entire Twitter integration has to be rewritten.Continue Reading

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