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GDI Review

    "GDI Review – Global Domains International, the online company that created a business opportunity that is affordable and duplicable by the global masses." GDI has built a large worldwide network of independent representatives by marketing .WS domain extensions and is still at its early stages. A ground level opportunity that comes along likeContinue Reading

Juan Henry

Testimonial by Juan Henry When I first discovered this site, I had to keeping checking and making sure I understood it. It seemed to good to be true!! I mean all the benefits you receive is just crazy. Being new to internet marketing, this site more since than any other I found for helping driveContinue Reading

What Is Affiliate Junktion?

I gained a reputation as somebody who tells it as it is. This time I will talk about Affiliate Junktion. I do have a separate post series on putting their claims to the test, but this little write-up is all about the program itself. Many of you are probably wondering what the sudden hype aboutContinue Reading

Affiliate Junction – Fact or Fiction?

A couple of days ago I signed up for a new service called Affiliate Junction. I am a little bit confused with their offerings. As of today I don't have a login nor did they respond to a simple support ticket. This lets me to believe that it is yet another fly-by-night operation that isContinue Reading

Everybody Deserves a Second Chance

Sometimes things happen for a reason and sometimes things happen because you don’t know better. A similar situation happened to me several years ago. I just started my first steps online and came across a system that looked very promising at the time. Well, it looked promising based on my knowledge at the time. IContinue Reading

The Latest Power Blog News

I promised more frequent updates and here we go. In my last post I wrote about niche markets and how to tap into the real wealth of online businesses. The one thing I didn’t mention was how to get all the traffic to your websites. Just to be blunt, because you’re into internet marketing, searchContinue Reading

Allen Says Did It Again

For internet marketing veterans Allen Says is a household name. He pioneered the way we think about how to create a solid stream of income with an online business. Allen created the Host4Profit web hosting that set the gold standard in web hosting marketing. Yes, there are new web hosting companies and affiliates popping upContinue Reading

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