Yes, InstantBuzz is back, stronger than ever. Despite the recent setbacks InstantBuzz is gaining support all over the place. The last time I wrote about InstantBuzz I mentioned the drop in visitors to my website. Yes in deed I certainly missed the flow of traffic from InstantBuzz while the site was down.

For those who don't know what InstantBuzz is, here's a little overview. InstantBuzz is absolutely free to use. Once you signed up you have 3 ways to advertise your products.

A toolbar on Internet Explorer displays InstantBuzz member ads every time a new webpage is displayed. In exchange of these ads displayed on your IE your ad will be displayed on another member's browser. There's a formula to calculate how many times your ad will be displayed. They are working on a FireFox version as well.

Every time you send out an email InstantBuzz automatically inserts a member ad on top of the email. Your ad will be included on somebody else's email correspondence. Very powerful to bypass these ugly SPAM filters.

An unblockable popup can be inserted onto all of your web pages. This will display a small popup on the right upper corner. Again your ad will be displayed on somebody else's web page.

I don't want to go into too much detail. However the key to a constant traffic flow is in building your downline. The more people contributing to your viewing statistic the more often your ads will be displayed. Remember this is not your typical random traffic. People are clicking on your ad because they are curious what you have to offer. This is pure targeted traffic marketing.

The only thing I regret is that I didn't sign up for the gold membership when I joined. This will give you a head start in the exchange system and your ads are displayed a lot more often than as a free member. The catch is, that you can't switch your membership after you joined. So, if you're serious in internet marketing and looking for a prime advertising opportunity, sign up for the gold membership at the time of joining. If you don't it will be too late and you will never get another chance to do so.

Click now to experience first hand what this powerful advertising tool can do for you. Make sure to opt for the gold membership. You cannot change it later on.