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Here’s how to drive the initial traffic to your website:

1) Go for the bulk traffic!

, article or video …. are great ways to drive to your website, BUT NOT NOW!

Why? Because you want to see result FAST or you’ll quit! It’s not your fault. Most humans behave that way.

As a start, you want to focus on getting bulk traffic, i.e. a lot of traffic in a short time.

You want to quickly build a few hundred people to your list so that you will not feel like talking to thin air when writing your newsletter or blog.

The only form of free bulk traffic I can think of is Joint Venture. If you can JV with someone with a list, go ahead and do it. If not, move on to the next one……

The next available option is paid advertising. Below are some examples of paid advertising you can use:

1) Paid to read emails programs – These programs typically sell thousands of traffic at low prices. For example, my website sells 1000 guaranteed traffic for $42. Start small and if your one-time-offer converts well, you can order a larger package. Google for “paid to read emails” and you should find a few websites providing such a service. (Note that most websites sell number of emails sent, not guaranteed traffic. So when comparing the prices, take note of the difference.)

2) List building programs – These programs typically let you build a list for free but they also offer premium where you can post email ads to their members at a fee. For example, with an upgraded account with, you can post 3000 emails to its members every 3 days.

3) Not to forget LeadsLeap! – As a PRO member, you will receive about 400 visitors every month. We post our PRO members ads throughout our online network to bring in quality traffic to them.

4) Participate in giveaway events – Such event is hard to come by but if you happen to see one, grab it. Remember to upgrade your account to get the maximum exposure.

That’s for the initial traffic.

Once you build about 500 people to your list, your next best move is to start ’swapping’ your list with other list builders. This is how to roll your list from 500 to 5000!

Go to forums and post a cross promotion offer. Tell them that you have 500 people in your list and are willing to JV with marketers with similar list size.

This is the ideal method for you because your website is set up to give away freebies. It’s very easy for other marketers to promote freebies to their lists and make money at the same time.

In such a deal, since you are the person who initiate the deal, ALWAYS ask the other marketers to do the promotion first, i.e. send the offer to their lists first.

The reason is simple. You want to work with serious partners only. If you offer to do the sending, you may end up spending a lot of time ‘reminding’ them to send the offer to their lists.

If you can do that with a few marketers, you will easily increase your list from 500 to 1000. Next, you will continue to work with people with a list size of 1000 and increase your list to 2000, then to 4000, 8000 and so on. Get the picture?

That’s how you drive traffic to your website and expand your list from zero to thousands. Lastly, remember to take good care of your because they are also your affiliate and they can drive traffic to your website in the long run.