A URL is common knowledge to place in WEBSITES on
Exchanges [TEs]. However, that is a one-shot effort that takes
a of time to bear conversions.

Adding a banner and a text ad increase conversion potential as
much as 300%. However, there are a couple of bad actions that
can drive your prospect to another member.

Checklist Actions …
Make sure your Referral link is what they see

•check the JOIN areas
•see YOUR name/ref ID in referral spot?
Example: Your Referral URL:


Now do what smart marketers do. Make a folder for each of your
TEs. Post that referral link.

Why? Checklist Actions Cont’d…
Check the codes.

EACH img url will look something like this:
Image URL: (s)


That link takes your viewer to the same banner you like the
looks of and choose to .

HOWEVER here is where problems occur.


IF the banners you have installed in outside TEs, do not have
the right ending – /?r= then your work may send your clicks to
another member.

EVERY Outside TE Needs Checking!

Yes it can be a lot of extra work! That is why you create a folder
for each TE and a checklist within. IF what you have been show
above is in order, then you are a go.

Weekly Maintenance

From now on, you have to do when you go to surf an outside TE
is to check the stats/edit and make sure your source code points
to YOU as the .