Yesterday I shared my Eureka moment with you. Please read my post "This Blew Me Away" if you haven't already.

Now let's take it up a notch.

Here's an easy 7 step instruction or call it the Blueprint on how to create sustainable traffic, email list and commission checks:

  1. Create a FREE account with the Power Blog (Skip this step if you're already a member)
  2. Create a FREE account with AKH
  3. Add this code to the AKH Autoresponder (shown at the login to AKH), click here for the code.
  4. Add the AKH affiliate ID to the Power Blog (Very important step, do not skip).
  5. Send visitors to the Power Blog via your personalized Power Blog links.
  6. Send visitors to the AKH (Advertising Know How) related blog entires (especially the post I wrote yesterday "This Blew Me Away").
  7. Send visitors with all the tools available in the Power Blog to the Power Blog.

Test this method by signing up yourself into the AKH squeeze page and see how it works. If you follow the steps above, you will receive the emails and the gift with your affiliate id from AKH.

Here's why this matters. AKH pays 30% commission on any sale made. They also have recurring commissions for their .

I always preached "Work smarter, not harder". This little system is exactly that. If setup correctly, you will be counting commission checks every month.

Another great program made possible by the Power Blog.

To your success,